Release 4.6.0.R

- Full screen mode in 2D module
- 3D root canal measurement tool
- New 3D airway measurement tool
- Implant Planning and Guide module improvements
- Automatic cephalometric analysis service
- Grid tool and object browser for Smile Design module
- Several improvements for 4D Jaw Motion
- Romexis Veterinary Edition
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Release 4.5.0.R

- Video link button to tutorial videos collection
- New 3D Jaw segmenting tool
- New Shaping tool for ProFace images
- Keyboard shortcuts in 3D module
- Renewed Planmeca Romexis Cloud user interface
- New Implant guide design module for beta testing

Release 4.4.0.R

- Speed improvements
- 3D imaging: New implant-centric view and segmented tooth removal option
- 2D imaging: Direct Planmeca ProScanner and TWAIN image capture to a study template for Windows
- Planmeca Romexis® Smile Design improvements
- Planmeca Romexis® Viewer improvements
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Release 4.2.0.R

- 3D Superimposition module
- 3D Tooth Segmentation tool
- Planmeca Romexis® Smile Design module support for teeth shades
- CAD/CAM module enhancements

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Release 4.1.0.R

- New! Smile Design module

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Release 4.0.0.R

- New modern UI design and increased usability
- New sharpening filter in 2D module 
- Improvements to implant planning
- New object browser in 3D module
- New TMJ module layout

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Release 3.6.0.R

- Partitioning tool for 2D images
- Option for creating new volumes of cropped 3D volumes
- Rotating feature to Visual Treatment Objective in Cephalometric Analysis module
- Implant library update

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Release 3.5.0.R

- Planmeca Clarify™ – New contrast enhancement filter for 2D X-ray images
- Rendered 3D panoramic views
- New orthographic plane navigation mode in 3D Explorer
- New version of Planmeca Romexis® Cephalometric Analysis module

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Release 3.4.0.R

- New CAD/CAM module and Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy
- Ortho Studio software update - Basic and Advanced
- Implant library update

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Release 3.3.0.R

- New autofocus tools for perfect panoramic slices
- ProFace and STL Fitting Wizard
- New 2D snapshot options
- New export dialogs

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