Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy 6.2

The new 6.2 version of Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy introduces major awaited improvements and exciting new features. With the new version, the scanning process and producing high-quality scans is even easier than before. The new features include the possibility to do 360-degree scans, enabling for example the scanning of dentures.

Model generation improvements

Improvements in model generation include improved model bottom generation and gap fill. These improvements also improve the accuracy of the scans.

Improved model bottom generation

The generation of the bottom of the scanned models has been considerably improved in the new software version. As a result, extra material is no longer added to the model bottom when the model is generated.

New PlanCAD Easy 6.2
No extra material added


Previous PlanCAD Easy versions
Extra material added to the model


Improved gap fill

The reconstruction of the interproximal surfaces has been improved remarkably. See the difference between the new and the previous software versions in the pictures below.

New PlanCAD Easy 6.2
The improved gap fill shows the space between teeth


Previous PlanCAD Easy versions
Gaps between the teeth are filled


Interim model improvements

Interim model is the model that displays during and after scanning but before the model has been generated. The new version brings a couple of changes to the interim model.

Improved passive filter

Islands of redundant data previously shown in dark blue on the interim model are now removed as soon as you stop scanning, creating a cleaner interim model. Previously, the data which was unconnected to the model (shown in dark blue in the picture) was not erased until the model was generated.

New PlanCAD Easy 6.2


Previous PlanCAD Easy versions


Extra data automatically cleaned from the model

With the new software version, extra data is automatically removed from the interim model

New PlanCAD Easy 6.2
Extra data is automatically removed for a cleaner interim model



Previous PlanCAD Easy versions
Areas with extra data appear dark, confusing users


360° scanning

You can now also scan the underside of an appliance, such as dentures. See the examples below of one denture model.



Open bite scanning option

Open Bite is now an option on the Setup tab. The option is used for scanning for dental appliances that require a gap between the upper and lower jaw, such as night guards.



Changes in scan settings

Colour model on by default

The colour model is now displayed by default instead of the stone model.

Default option for Active Delete

The Active Delete function has been improved. The Scan Settings now has an option for the Active Delete function to be turned on by default, if preferred.

Changes in model resolution

To sharpen the details of the model, move the Resolution slider in the Scan Settings to the right from A to E. Please note that the duration of model generation can increase dramatically when using the higher resolutions (D & E).


Windows update warning

A dialog box will appear if a Windows update is being installed in the background. Scanning is not recommended during Windows updates.

Other fixes

Memory, CPU and GPU usage has been optimised with the new software version.