Planmeca PlanCAD Easy software release 4.6.2

Support for Planmeca Emerald™

Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy is now also the official software for the Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner.

Speed upgraded for Planmeca PlanScan®

  • Scanning with the Planmeca PlanScan® intraoral scanner is now much faster than before
  • Contact your local dealer to update your Planmeca PlanScan

Dim mode

  • Improves the scanning of bright surfaces in the mouth and on models
  • Especially suitable when scanning e.g. gold restorations or bright white stone models
  • When using Planmeca Emerald™, the dim mode is activated from a switch
  • When using Planmeca PlanScan®, the mode is activated by holding the scanner over the surface before hitting the dim mode button
    – this will allow it to adjust the intensity

Dim mode

Active filtering tool

  • Allows removing unwanted data that was scanned accidentally
  • There are two ways to activate the active filtering tool:
    - The first way is to click the trash can icon just above the scanner icon in the lower left corner of the software’s interface – this works with both scanners
    - The second way is to press and release the Planmeca Emerald™ scanner’s bottom button while the scanner is active
  • Once the active filtering mode is active, unwanted data can be removed by hovering the scanner over the desired area for 2–3 seconds

Active filtering tool

Snapshot function

  • Allows pictures of the live scanning view to be captured by hitting the Tab key
  • The perfect tool for documentation and communication
  • All captured images are stored in the Planmeca Romexis® 2D module

Snapshot function

Dynamic bite alignment function

  • Allows automatic alignment of models when scanning the buccal bite – bringing each model into the live view when alignment occurs
  • Users can see when alignment is done, which saves time

Bite refinement tool

  • Allows users to refine the current bite and helps to determine the need of a buccal 2 scan
  • The tool can be accessed from a button on the bottom of the scan page while scanning the buccal bite

Occlusal contacts heat map and prep clearance

  • Provides an indication of the distance between arches in the align buccal option
  • Occlusal reduction is indicated by the cursor when it is moved over the preparation in the align buccal option

Bilateral bite scan option

  • The new bilateral buccal bite scan (Buccal 2 scan) option is now available for when an additional bite segment is needed to refine the bite
  • Allows more accurate bite alignment in full arch scans

Restoration positioning for Vita ENAMIC multiColor™

  • The chroma and translucency of the restoration can now be modified in the mill tab

Vita ENAMIC Multicolor

Vita ENAMIC Multicolor

Read more about the blocks from the brochure >>

Material support for Straumann n!ce

  • Fully crystallised glass ceramic for added convenience and speed
  • The blocks have a natural finish and highly aesthetic look
  • Simply mill, polish and seat – no crystallisation process required

Straumann n!ce

Read more about the blocks from the brochure >>

Material Support for IPS e.max ZirCAD™

  • Known for its high flexural strength (1,200 MPa2) and fracture toughness
  • Allows the fabrication of restorations with considerably lower wall thicknesses
  • Recommended indications: crowns, three-unit bridges
  • The blocks can be ordered later on once made available by the material manufacturer

IPS e.max ZirCAD

Read more about the blocks from the brochure >>

Implant workflow for abutment design

  • The new software version enables designing implant abutments chairside in Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy and later on also milling of abutments with Planmeca PlanMill® 40 S
    (when materials from the manufacturer become available)
  • By using a Ti-Base connector, you can create one-piece screw-retained hybrid abutments and hybrid abutments with cemented crowns
  • Supported brands at the moment:
    - Astra
    - Biomet 3i
    - Nobel Biocare
  • Elos Accurate® Scanbodies are used to determine the exact position, angle, and rotation of an implant
  • Ivoclar e.max and Telio blocks with holes are used for milling with Planmeca PlanMill 40 S
  • The blocks can be ordered later on once made available by the material manufacturer
  • It is possible to send scans to dental laboratories for designing and manufacturing custom abutments