Romexis software release 6.3

The 6.3 release includes new features as well as improvements to existing functionalities.

Security improvements

In the Planmeca Romexis® 6.3 software version, we have implemented several improvements to the overall security of the software. Additionally, the security of Romexis 6.3 has been reviewed by a 3rd party cybersecurity services company,
Nixu Corporation. According to the review, the overall security status of Romexis is good (on a scale of good, moderate or inadequate). A summary of the review report is available upon request.

The main enhancements include:

  • Improved password handling
  • Improved Client–Server certificate handling
  • Enhanced access and permissions handling

Please note that the previous version of Romexis to undergo similar review was Romexis 5.1. We highly recommend that our customers update their Romexis software to the latest available version.

2D imaging

Comparing studies

In Romexis 6.3, it is possible to open two studies and compare them side by side.

Rotate and crop toolbar

There is also a new toolbar for the image rotation and crop tools. The options in the toolbar include free rotate, rotate right 90, rotate left 90, crop, mirror horizontally and mirror vertically. Mirrored and rotated images are marked with the ! mark in the header.

Import images

Romexis 6.3 features new options for applying selections to all images imported at the same time.

Image browser

In the tooth chart, the number of images is now shown for each tooth number.

Image processing

The speed/responsiveness of 2D enhancements both with sliders and over the image adjustments has been greatly improved.

3D imaging

Better support for 3rd party DICOM images

Importing 3rd party DICOM images has been improved with a more robust detection and processing of the greyscale values. The brightness and contrast adjustment range of Romexis has also been increased to better cater to 3rd party DICOM images.

3D implant planning

Implant planning

There is a new option in the Implant alignment feature for aligning implants along the general abutment extension instead of the implant body.

3D implant guide design

Full screen mode

Instead of a separate dialog, implant guide design now opens in full screen work mode with an integrated object browser.

Different resolutions

In Romexis 6.3, the implant guide resolution can be chosen between normal, high and very high. The previous version only included normal resolution. Higher resolution enables creating a tighter implant guide. Please note, however, that the higher resolution increases the calculation time which also depends on the used computer.

Allowing unconnected parts

The new release makes it possible to create guides with unconnected parts. The user can connect parts using the Create bar tool. This is a useful feature, for example, for fixation pins when the sleeve goes too far away from the scan.

Remove Material tool

The Remove Material tool has also been enhanced with new options. The user can now select either a round or a square shape tool. In addition, the depth of the removal tool can be limited, which enables, for example, holes on one side of a crown only.

Improved text quality

The new software version entails better text rendering with the customisable text height.

Transparency slider

It is now possible to set the guide transparency slider in relation to the IO scan and the guide.

Other improvements in guide design

  • Option for turning the guide smoothing on/off (previously it was always on)
  • Optional computing step for optimising the number of triangles in the guide STL model; drops the STL size roughly to a one third
  • Keyboard shortcut for Undo/Ctrl + Z and Redo/Ctrl + Y
  • Improved bar quality

Implant library

Updates can now be downloaded directly on the Implant library webpage at