Planmeca − Better care through innovation

Planmeca Oy is a global leader in many fields of health care technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. Our product range covers digital dental units, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices, and comprehensive CAD/CAM and software solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we are the largest privately held company in the field of dental equipment and the parent company of Planmeca Group. The Group's turnover in 2017 was MEUR 703, employing nearly 2,750 people worldwide.


From vision to excellence

Always one step ahead

Our strong commitment to R&D and close collaboration with health care professionals and leading universities are behind the success of our innovations. Unrivalled scientific knowledge and an in-depth understanding of clinical workflows are vital parts of our product development.

Quality made in Finland

Our dental care units, X-rays and software solutions are designed and manufactured in Helsinki, Finland. Using the latest technology and the best materials, our products are hand-made and tailored to each customer’s specifications.

Design matters

Our aim is to create functional, durable and beautifully designed products that stand the test of time. We do this by always keeping our four design principles in mind: ergonomic workflow for professionals, patient and staff safety, patient comfort and long lasting aesthetics.

At the forefront of digital imaging

In the era of digital imaging, our imaging software and digital solutions have been leading the way. Superior image quality, low patient dose and ease-of-use are the most important guidelines of our product development.

Uncompromising infection control

Infection control and clean water have always been essential to the design and development of our dental care units. Hygiene features are demonstrated in our products through material selection, design and technical details.

Over 40 years of excellence in health care technology

IDS 1971Planmeca Oy was founded in Helsinki, Finland, by Mr. Heikki Kyöstilä in 1971. Mr Kyöstilä is the President and owner of the company. Planmeca started as a small-scale business, manufacturing dental stools and instrument cabinets. Very early on, however, the company adopted a global sales approach and expanded its product range into patient chairs and dental units – and later on to 2D and 3D X-rays, CAD/CAM products and software solutions.

Significant milestones

1970s1970s – From dental stools to dental units

The 1970’s was the era of settling in at the dental markets and establishing the core product range. In 1971, the company started with dental stool and cabinetry production.

The first patient chair was developed in 1975, and the first dental unit in 1979. 

1980s1980s – International expansion and breakthroughs in products

During the 1980s, the international expansion was rapid, as subsidiaries were established in the U.S., Italy and Sweden. Product-wise, the decade yielded several breakthroughs, all based on microprocessor technology. In 1983, Planmeca pioneered in microprocessor technology introducing the first microprocessor-controlled dental chair.

In 1986, the product range was expanded to X-ray units with the launch of a microprocessor-controlled panoramic X-ray device, a revolutionary innovation in dental radiology at the time. Additionally, the microprocessor technology was incorporated in dental units starting from 1986.  

1990s1990s – Revolutionary development in digital imaging

In 1990s, the most revolutionary development was digital imaging system, first introduced at International Dental Show (IDS) in 1995. Planmeca’s digital imaging system was a significant step towards integrated information concept of the dental practices.  

In 1999 Planmeca introduced an integrated information technology system for a digital dental practice – all in one concept –allowing instant access to all digital clinical patient information at chairside from a flat panel display mounted on the dental unit. 

2000s2000s – Cooperation and development with dental universities

The 2000s was a decade of great expansion in digitalisation for both dental imaging equipment and software. In 2005, Planmeca introduced a Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBTV) system for 3D dental imaging. The decade was also successful within technology innovations. An innovative SCARA technology was introduced in Planmeca X-ray units.
 The latest high-tech solutions were also employed in dental unit design from 2007 onwards, as Planmeca introduced dental unit with symmetrical motorised movements enabling fully adaptable unit suitable for all users and every environment.

Planmeca also gained considerable market shares in the 2000’s within dental education and training. 

2010s2010s – The new era in dentistry: Digital perfection

In 2011, the concept of Digital perfection was launched. Taking digital imaging even further, Planmeca now enables the combination of three different 3D datasets (photo, X-ray data and digital impression) into one complete 3D model. 

Unique 3D combination – Planmeca is the first company to combine three different types of 3D data with one X-ray unit. The Planmeca ProMax® 3D family brings together a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) image, 3D face photo and 3D model scan into one 3D image – using the same advanced software. This 3D combination creates a virtual patient in 3D, helping you with all your clinical needs.

2010s2010s – Commitment to continuous learning

In 2014, Planmeca Digital Academy, an umbrella concept covering all education and training by Planmeca, was launched. Planmeca is committed to increasing the quality and availability of dental education worldwide. Planmeca, together with our partners, offers high-quality digital dentistry courses for dental professionals and enhances dental technology training and scientific research in the field of dentistry and oral health.

Cooperation with universitiesNordic Institute of Dental Education (NIDE) is a joint-venture founded by Planmeca together with University of Turku in 2014. NIDE offers continuing education in the latest topics and technologies in dentistry to international dentists and dental technicians.

2010s2010s – Rich ecosystem of devices, software and services

In 2015 Planmeca is the forerunner in building a rich ecosystem of devices, software and services – Planmeca Ecosystem. The company’s unrivaled product portfolio covers everything needed in a high tech dental clinic: all 2D and 3D imaging modalities together with digital treatment centers, CAD/CAM systems and software.

In 2015 Planmeca Romexis 4.0 software was also launched. Romexis 4.0 is the first dental software in the world to combine 2D and 3D imaging and the complete CAD/CAM workflow.