Romexis software release 6.4.1

We are excited to introduce the latest version of our software platform – Planmeca Romexis® 6.4.1. The 6.4.1 release includes new features and improvements to existing functionalities.

New improved 3D panoramic view – SuperPan

The new SuperPan feature allows the user to create a beautiful and sharp panoramic image from CBCT data with only one click. SuperPan automatically detects the patient’s arch and applies the image enhancement algorithm to improve the image quality.



With SuperPan

Without SuperPan

New DICOM storage option

The new software version introduces an easy and quick way to send full image stacks from all current views in 3D module to a DICOM PACS. With this feature, you can generate image stacks from all sub modules. The new option can be found in the Snapshot dialog: Create Image Stacks and Send to Storage.




System Administration module redesign

The user interface of the System Administration module has been redesigned for better usability.

The module has been divided in two main categories: Connect and Settings. The Connect category contains integration options, for example, for all external programmes and services that can be launched from Romexis as well as different export options for CAD/CAM data.


Other improvements

Improvement to Superimpose module

An info text including, for example, the date and time has been added in the side-by-side view of the superimposed volume for the easier separation of different volumes.


Implant library – show only favourites

In the implant library, the user has the option to “show only favourites”. If the user has selected this option, it is remembered when opening Romexis for the next time.

Search Patients improvement

The Search Patients module includes new options for patient search making it possible to search for exact or partial matches for a known last name, first name or patient ID, or any combination of these fields.

All Dates selection option in the Patient module

An “All Dates” check box has been added to the Image browser which allows the user to select all image acquisition dates with a single click.