Planmeca ProOne®
Simplicity at its finest

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Planmeca ProOne® is our full-featured panoramic imaging unit. It has been designed with simplicity in mind and features several cutting-edge innovations – combining extensive diagnostic capabilities and superior image quality into a compact, easy-to-use package.

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Easy patient positioning

To minimise imaging errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, Planmeca ProOne and all our other X-ray units support open positioning and convenient side entry for patients – both standing and seated. You can monitor your patient from the front and the side, with positioning further assisted by our triple laser beam system that indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.

Planmeca ProOne child

User interface provides guidance

Planmeca ProOne is equipped with a full-colour graphical user interface that helps guide you through procedures with clear texts and symbols. All settings are logically organised and easy to understand, which speeds up the imaging process and lets you focus on communicating with your patient and positioning them correctly.

Planmeca ProOne screenshots

Autofocus – for perfect panoramics every time

Our unique Autofocus feature automatically positions the focal layer using a low dose scout image of your patient’s central incisors. Landmarks in the patient’s anatomy are used to calculate placement, enabling practically error-free patient positioning and dramatically reducing the need for retakes. The result is a perfect panoramic image, every time.

Planmeca ProOne dentist

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