Romexis® Clinic Management
Software for real-time dental clinic monitoring

Planmeca Romexis Clinic Management software

Revolutionary connectivity

Romexis Clinic Management helps dental clinics measure efficiency, maximise patient flow and optimise capacity. The software collects data on all digital Planmeca equipment usage – acting as a cutting-edge tool for monitoring daily routines, overseeing quality assurance activities and managing clinic operations.

Revolutionary connectivity

Great benefits across the board

Romexis Clinic Management offers unique benefits and services for all aspects of clinic operations. This helps to make the daily workflow of your clinic staff more fluent and efficient.

Great benefits

Usability benefits

- Store individual chair positions and instrument presets for an unlimited number of dental unit users and access them from any dental unit at the clinic
- Achieve a more fluent and flexible workflow by remotely monitoring milling work progress and receiving automatic notifications of work completion
- Take advantage of integrated quick guides supporting device use

Planmeca PlanMill 35

Maintenance and infection control benefits

- Minimise any possible downtime with real-time user-assistance
- Plan and optimise preventive maintenance according to actual usage
- Benefit from fast and easy troubleshooting with a comprehensive device history available
- Ensure patient and staff safety with built-in reporting – including infection control quality assurance and audit trails

Clinic Management maintenance benefits

Network benefits

- Monitor your clinic’s status with all networked devices visible in one easy-to-read graphical overview
- Access accurate, real-time information on all X-ray, milling and dental unit operations
- Utilise a centralised database with all data easily and immediately available at all clinic sites
- Plan operations based on actual usage to improve overall efficiency and quality assurance

Clinic Management network benefits floor plan