Collaborate with Planmeca

We are constantly expanding our global partner network of innovative, like-minded clinics and institutions to work together on groundbreaking innovations in dentistry and digital dentistry training of tomorrow. With our collaboration initiatives, we want to enhance dental technology training and scientific research in the field of dentistry and oral health.

Commit to excellence

We collaborate regularly with dental clinics, health care institutions, universities, and dental schools in research projects and dental technology training to set new standards in our field. With the collaboration, we aim to develop innovative and scientifically proven solutions for dentistry and to offer dental professionals with state-of-the-art dental education. The ultimate goal of both the scientific and training collaboration is to provide patients around the world with the best possible care.

Scientific and research project collaboration

Many of Planmeca’s innovations have been born through joint research and close collaboration with universities. Unrivalled scientific knowledge and an in-depth understanding of clinical workflows and new technologies are vital parts of our product development. We want to deepen the cooperation between academic research and dental technology industry and participate regularly in different scientific and research projects.

We are currently participating for example in the following ongoing research projects:
- Finnish Center for Artifical Intelligence (FCAI) collaboration led by Aalto University and University of Helsinki
- AI research within Clever Health Network (CHN) collaboration led by Helsinki University Hospital
- Digital and Physical Immersion in Radiology and Surgery (DPI) project led by Tampere University

Years of close collaboration with leading dental universities for example in radiology and microbiology have resulted in comprehensive and scientifically proven solutions to lower patient doses without uncompromising X-ray image quality and for an effective external and internal dental unit infection control, respectively.

Examples of scientific publications we have participated in include:
- Ultra-low-dose publication by Juha Koivisto
- Hygiene solutions: Water line and suction tube cleaning with the University of Dublin

Additionally, we host numerous master’s and PhD thesis workers at our headquarters every year.

Clinic partnership

Planmeca has strong and proven expertise in working together with clinics in dental technology training. Planmeca Digital Academy clinic partnership is a partnership programme for the most advanced dental clinics around the world, interested in offering continuing digital dentistry training at their facilities under our Planmeca Digital Academy umbrella concept.

The partnership programme is an exclusive opportunity for state-of-the-art clinics to enhance and expand their dental training business with a trusted partner. The partnership is customised individually for each participating clinic based on their know-how, expertise and needs.

We are looking for leading and renowned clinics in all Planmeca markets interested in offering high-quality continuous education training courses to dental professionals. The partner clinics commit to providing high-quality training in their facilities to other dental professionals in their area.

We expect strong expertise in various specialties:
- 2D and 3D imaging
- Radiology
- Implantology
- Endodontics
- Orthodontics
- Aesthetic dentistry
- Maxillofacial surgery

Key benefits for participating clinics
The Planmeca Digital Academy clinic partnership is an excellent opportunity to generate new revenue in the growing dental training and continuing education business.

The dental clinics accepted as Planmeca Digital Academy clinic partners receive the right to utilise our Planmeca Digital Academy brand as part of their clinic and course marketing. The partner clinics can also benefit from Planmeca’s knowledge in creating an inspiring and efficient clinic environment to meet the needs of the patients. The courses are marketed in cooperation with Planmeca and its local distributors.

The partnership enhances the brand image and market position of the partner clinic as a provider of the highest standard of patient care. The Planmeca Digital Academy concept reinforces the clinic’s position as a pioneer in the field of dentistry introducing new working practices and diagnostic methods to other dental professionals.

Become a Planmeca Digital Academy clinic partner
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University partnership

Planmeca university partnership combines the academic expertise of the universities with Planmeca’s cutting-edge technologies for providing continuing education for dental professionals. We strive to build a global network of innovative, like-minded institutions to work together on ground-breaking innovations in dentistry and dentistry training of tomorrow.

Together with our global university network, we aim to create a unique way of cooperation between the academia and dental industry. The Planmeca university partnership brings together your university’s expertise and skilled faculty staff with the latest dental equipment and software solutions.

With the university partnership cooperation model, today’s dental professionals are offered advanced dental training and in-depth knowledge on how to improve the daily diagnostic and clinical work at the university’s facilities using Planmeca’s state-of-the-art 3D imaging, CAD/CAM, and software solutions as well as digital dental units.

Key benefits for participating dental schools and universities
With our university partnership concept, dental universities and other educational institutions can take their dental education and dental technology training to the next level with a trusted partner. The partnership concept brings both scientific and financial benefits to your dental faculty.

The partnership is an excellent opportunity to be the first to test and get introduced to new innovations in dental industry and change behaviour by introducing new working practises and diagnostic methods to dental professionals. The participating university partners are offered innovative equipment and software packages to create an inspiring learning and training environment to meet the most modern needs of dental education and research.

With our future-proof concept – a complete digital solution with excellent upgradeability – you will have the most modern methodologies ranging from world-leading solutions for all 2D and 3D imaging needs and dental units to CAD/CAM and software solutions always available. Utilise your teaching facilities efficiently, provide dental professionals new opportunities for continuing dental education, and guarantee your university a leading position in the field of dentistry – with Planmeca.

Become a Planmeca university partner
We invite leading universities and dental schools to join our global university network and benefit from our cutting-edge technology.

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