Planmeca Compact™ iSimNext-generation learning platform for dental schools

Planmeca Compact™ iSim is a next-generation dental simulation unit and an essential part of Planmeca’s teaching concept. It provides a realistic working environment for dental students and ensures a smooth transition from preclinical to clinical studies. The unit’s modular design and large variety of options make it an ideal solution for the varying needs of different educational environments. With integrated digital tools, students will learn to master the smoothest workflow in dentistry.

The best working habits from day one

With Planmeca Compact™ iSim, dental students will adopt the correct working ergonomics and infection control routines right from the start of their studies. The simulation unit is almost identical to Planmeca’s dental care units, helping students to transition easily to clinical work later on.

Suitable for all users

Planmeca Compact iSim allows teaching both two- and fourhanded dentistry. The wide movement range of the torso and phantom head allows working in both sitting and standing positions, ensuring ergonomic working positions for users of all sizes. The symmetrical unit offers equally good ergonomics for both right- and left-handed users. The unit can also be equipped with endodontic and implantology features for more advanced users.

Modular and future-proof

The flexible and modular design of Planmeca Compact iSim fits into any clinic layout and can be easily configured according to different user needs and purposes. This gives dental schools the freedom to design their teaching areas as they wish and utilise different table surface shapes and sizes in clinic design. The unit is also easy to install.

The Planmeca Compact iSim simulation unit is based on the Planmeca Compact™ i technology platform, which can can be easily upgraded with new features and functionalities at any time. This makes the unit a safe and future-proof investment.

Available with or without table

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