Planmeca Romexis software release 5.0.R


3D imaging

New MIP BW (maximum intensity projection, black and white) rendering option is available for the panoramic view.


Artefacts can be removed and cutaways created in the 3D rendering with the new cleaning tool.


Segmented jaws can be exported together with the volume as separate STL files.

SEGMENT segment2

Implant planning

Tooth number can be specified when adding a new implant from the library, indicating the planned implant site. 

toothnumber toothnumber2

Automatic PDF report conveniently gathers all relevant information concerning the implant plan and guide design.

 implantreport2 implantreport

New implants and sleeves in the implant library.



4D Jaw Motion

The possibility of defining workflow templates supports capturing all recordings in a specified order.

4DJaw  4DJaw2

The captured recording can now be instantly checked by playing it back while the connection to the imaging unit is still on.

record  play

The 4D Jaw Motion case export and STL model export options have been merged into one tool.


Clinic Management

LM Dental Tracking System (DTS) servers and readers are now supported, displaying them and their statuses in the floor plan view as well as the monitoring and logs views.


Cephalometric analysis module

Automatic positioning of cephalometric landmarks completes the tracing in a few seconds.

When making the cephalometric tracing, the measurements between different points can be viewed on a dynamically updating view.