Planmeca Romexis® features

3D Imaging

Romexis 3D Standard

- Image acquisition with Planmeca CBCT units
- MPR views (axial, sagittal, coronal)
- 3D rendering views
- Pseudopanoramic and cross-sectional views
- Image processing, annotation, and measurement tools
- Imports: DICOM, STL
- Exports: DICOM, STL, OBJ, PLY
- Converting CBCT images to STL files
- Segmentation of jaws and tooth
- Segmentation of airways
- Segmentation using region growing
- Nerve canal tracing and root canal marking
- Mapping CBCT images and dental models or any STL file
- Creating virtual cephalometric images
- TMJ views
- Superimposing two CBCT volumes
- Creating 2D snapshots and 2D slice stacks
- Support for Planmeca 3D photos
- Mapping CBCT images and 3D photos
- Comparison of two 3D photos or surface scans
- Distance and angle measurements between two surfaces
- Shaping 3D photos
- Two surface measurements
- Launch for external applications 
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard

Romexis 3D Implant

- Implant planning tools (alignment, implant extension, implant safety areas)
- Implant centric views
- Implant libraries featuring +120 manufacturers
- Abutment libraries and a generic abutment designer
- Generic crown library
- Implant verification tool
- Automatic implant reports
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard
- Includes Romexis 2D Implant
- Includes Romexis 3D Standard

Romexis 3D Implant Guide

- Implant guide design tools for tooth supported guides
- Implant guide design tools for mucosa supported guides
- Presets for 3D printers
- Automatic Implant and sleeve reports
- STL export for guides
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard
- Includes Romexis 3D Standard
- Includes Romexis 3D Implant

Romexis CMF Surgery

- Placing and defining anatomical landmarks
- Dynamic measurements and analyses
- Head orientation tool for manual adjustment 
- Viewing bone segment projections in slice views
- Planning maxilla osteotomies: Le Fort I, One-piece, Two-pieces and Three-pieces
- Planning mandible osteotomies: BSSO Hunsuck and Obwegeser, Inverted L, vertical ramus and Genioplasty
- Showing osteotomy lines dynamically in slice views
- Showing marked nerves during osteotomy planning
- Showing segmented teeth 
- Fitting the target model
- Movement planning with presets for the most used movement types
- Preoperative to virtual plan superimposition
- Creating intermediate and final splints, open STL export
- Export of postoperative models in open STL format
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard
- Includes Romexis 3D Standard

Romexis 3D Cephalometry

- Placing anatomical landmarks in 3D view or on 2D slice views
- Head orientation tool for manual adjustment
- Dynamic measurements and analyses
- Measurement table for comparisons against the norms
- Landmark, plane, and measurement visualisation in 2D views and 3D
- Analysis types: TFA Perrotti analysis, Orthognathic Surgery analysis
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard
- Includes Romexis 3D Standard

Romexis Smart

- Automatic segmentation of teeth, maxilla, skull, soft tissue, mandible, mandibular nerve, airways and sinuses
- Automatic fitting for CBCT and intraoral scan
- Tooth segmentation with IOS crown
- Tooth number based navigation

Support for the Windows operation system only


Romexis CAD/CAM Scan

- Scanning with Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanner
      - Presets for most common workflows
      - Scanning different bites
      - Buccalless alignment for full arch cases
- Taking 2D snapshots with the scanner
- Model editing, orientation and viewing
      - Shade assistant
- Analysing dental models
      - Contact map and undercut calculations
      - Tooth width, arch length, and free measurements
      - Bolton and space analyses
      - Comparison of scans
- Model base creation (solid and hollow)
- Marking the margin lines for multiple teeth
- Imports and exports: STL, PLY
- Export: PlanCAD Premium, 3Shape and exocad formats
- Send: Romexis Cloud, DDX Cloud, TruAbutment, HeySmile and SIMtoCARE
- Creating lab order forms (PDF)
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard

Support for the Windows operation system only

Romexis CAD/CAM Design

- Designing inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns
      - Support for up to 32 single-unit restorations across both jaws in one session
      - Automated design based on an existing tooth or a template from an anatomic tooth library
- Creation of digital wax-ups for the restoration design
- Guided workflow ensures all necessary workflow steps are completed
- Expert mode for free customisation of workflows
- Versatile tools to ensure outstanding aesthetics and precise fit
      - Viewing, transformation and modification tools
      - Tool for adjusting occlusal and interproximal contacts
      - Emergence profile adjustment tools
- Milling restorations with Planmeca chairside milling units
- Printing restorations with Planmeca Creo C5 dental 3D printer
- Import and export of restorations: STL, PLY
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard
- Includes Romexis CAD/CAM Scan

Support for the Windows operation system only

Romexis Ortho Simulator

- Automatic one-click simulation of the teeth position after the aligner treatment
- Automatic orientation of the scans 
- Automatic segmentation of crowns from the intraoral scan 
- Tools for modifying the automatic segmentation and labelling
- Automatic detection of the tooth axis
- Tools for adjusting the tooth axis, both mesial-distal and long axis
- Manual movement and rotation of the tooth
- Possibility to reset the segmentation and the simulation
- Taking 2D snapshots
Includes Romexis 2D Standard
- Includes Romexis CAD/CAM Scan

Support for the Windows operation system only

Romexis CAD/CAM Complete

- Includes Romexis CAD/CAM Scan
- Includes Romexis CAD/CAM Design
- Includes Romexis Ortho Simulator
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard

Support for the Windows operation system only

Clinic efficiency

Romexis Clinic Management

- Real-time monitoring of Planmeca devices
- Logs and summaries of device usage
- Bi-directional communication for dental units
- Integrated quick guides
- Includes Romexis 2D Standard

DICOM options


- DICOM print SCU


- DICOM Storage SCU
- DICOM Worklist SCU
- DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU
- DICOM Storage Commitment SCU


- DICOM Storage SCP
- DICOM Query/Retrieve SCP
- DICOM Storage Commitment SCP
- DICOM Worklist Broker SCP
- Access control
- Event logging
- Resend capability
- Includes DICOM Full

HL7 Standard Messaging

- IHE IT Infrastructure profiles for document and patient handling
- IHE Radiology profiles for imaging and reporting

Image transfer service

Romexis Cloud

- Secure transfer of cases including images and treatment plans
- Sending of cases Romexis-to-Romexis using integrated case tracking
- Sending of cases from Romexis to any email recipient



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