Romexis software release 6.4.2

New features and changes

Support for macOS 13 (Ventura) and macOS 12 (Monterey) operating systems

Romexis 6.4.2 has been tried and tested, and we are pleased to confirm it supports the use on the most recent macOs 13 and 12 operating systems.

Please note the exception for the Romexis® CAD/CAM module:
Analyse and Send tabs – supported on MacOS computers equipped with M1/M2 processors
Scanning – not supported on MacOS

Saving image browser settings

The user can now save the preferences for the image browser in the File module and 2D module. After selecting the preferred image settings, you can click on Save Settings to save these as default settings.


Option to show inactivated images in the 2D module

The 2D module has been updated with an option to show inactivated images in the image browser. After this option has been activated in the Romexis Configuration application, a new garbage bin will appear in the 2D image browser. Inactivated images can also be reactivated in the new inactivated image list by right-clicking the image and selecting Reactivate.


Defining the data to be burned on an exported image

It is now possible to choose which data to burn onto a 2D image when exporting it with the Burn patient information to the export file option. The definition of the data is done in the Romexis Configuration application.


Improvements in the 3D module


The implant-centric view button has been copied to the right-side toolbar. The implant-centric view button can also still be found in its original place in the cross-sections header.



The implant library dialog has been resized so that most implant product line names are now fully visible.

General portal launch

The General portal launch feature allows creating a launch button which automatically exports the open image to the hard drive and opens the defined web portal. In Romexis 6.4.2, the generic launch button can also be created for the 2D and 3D modules. In the previous software version, it was only available for the CAD/CAM module.

The button can be defined in the Administration module. The user can freely choose the icon and web portal URL to be used.