Planmeca Romexis software release 4.0.0

Planmeca Romexis Release 4.0.0.R


New modern UI design 

  • Optimized for Full HD screen
  • New fresh coloring
  • Dash board concept
  • Easier workflow - enhanced toolbars
  • More space for viewing the images
  • UI that guides the user in the workflow – only relevant tools visible

MacOs Yosemite and Windows 8.1 support
License activation

Patient management

  • New active search: patient list is updated automatically as search criteria is typed
  • Patient identification photo visible
  • Patients can be sorted by latest activity date
  • Patients can be searched by first name, last name or ID

Patient File

The File module has new look and feel and new “Next Steps” buttons for straightforward workflow :

  • Go to 2D Imaging
  • Go to 3D Imaging
  • Go to CAD/CAM

2D Imaging module

The 2D module has a new design to maximize the space available.

In the entering view the user can :

  • Capture new images
  • Scan new images
  • Import images
  • Open an existing image from image browser



When images are opened from Image Browser they open in maximum space for better viewing and easier diagnostics. The unnecessary empty spaces have been removed.
New easy to use sharpening slider has been added.
The thumbnail of the selected image is always visible in the Overview field.
Pan and zoom tools are now always automatically ON, to make moving and zooming image faster and easier.
All image adjustment tool are always visible for convenient  and efficient workflow.

3D Imaging module

In the entering view (Volumes module) of the 3D module the user can:

  • Capture new 3D image
  • Import 3D image
  • Export 3D image
  • Open existing 3D image

New easy way to browse between submodules.

Object browser

The new Object browser collects all the elements added to the image to the same place: annotations, nerves, implants, IO-scans, views and ProFace images:

  • Easy to manage
  • Faster workflow

Default settings dialogue

New default settings dialog allows setting  workstation preferences of various features of 3D module such as annotations color, image adjustment settings, overlay preferences, slice settings and implant adjustments. 

New 3D rendering filter – Enhanced depth

The new option creates fancy 3D images. The closer the surface is the warmer is the color and sharper is the surface. And the more further the cooler the color is.

Custom abutment editor

Abutment editor allows user to create a custom abutment to implant. The implant needs to be selected before custom abutment can be created. 


Aligning implants

New Align implant tool allow aligning implants with each other.

Safety area and alert for implants

Safety distance between implants or between implant and nerve can be defined. The safety limit between the implants is shown as a transparent cylinder in 2D projections and in 3D rendered image.

When implants and nerves are placed too close to each other the user is alerted:

  • red borders appear around the implants
  • a warning dialogue pops up
  • the background of related elements in the Object browser turn to red.

Extension rod for implants

The implant extension is an implant centered and orientated rod that can be used for example to indicate the orientation and position of implant in teeth level.

Improvements to implant library

The implant library has been updated to show more information on each implant and to have the catalog measurements visible at first sight instead of the previously shown intra-osseous length and diameter.

New TMJ module layout

The TMJ module layout has been changed. The axial view and 3D rendering is now in the middle of cross sectional views.

Romexis Cloud

Romexis Cloud service has new improvements that make it's use even more efficient. Cloud transfers can now be automatically downloaded on the server side while continuing working on Romexis.

Another new option available is reply to sender. This allows for example easy sending of radiological report and snapshots back to whoever referred the case to the current user.