Romexis software 6.4.6 release

Romexis® Ortho Simulator

Romexis® Ortho Simulator is a new optional module in the Romexis® CAD/CAM offering. The orthodontic simulation module allows using Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scans to simulate the outcome of clear aligner treatment. It is especially useful for patient communication and motivation.

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2D imaging module

The new software release introduces several improvements and fixes when working with study templates. For example, the Maximise button is now also available for images in studies, and the annotations added to images are now also shown in the thumbnails, which helps selecting the images with some findings. Images which have Second Opinion® annotations can be also exported and imported from/to Romexis including the annotations.

In addition, it is now possible to set default image enhancements for images taken with Planmeca ProCeph™, the one-shot cephalostat available for all Planmeca Viso® imaging units.

3D imaging module

New gimbal control for improved moving and resizing of crowns and implants in 3D

Implants and generic crowns can be now moved in 3D view with a new gimbal, which makes the movements intuitive and easy.

Generic crowns can be resized by colour-coded squares. The initial position of the crown now takes into account the panoramic curve, so even the initial placement is better than before. With these improvements, creating a virtual crown for top-down implant planning is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of seconds.




SuperPan as default

It is now possible to set SuperPan as a default panoramic curve for all new images.

When entering the Panoramic or Implant module, a panoramic curve made with SuperPan will automatically appear in the picture.




Improvements to Snapshot and print dialog

When creating a 2D snapshot of a 3D volume, it is now possible to adjust the font size and choose an option that scales the font size with the voxel size. This is especially useful with high-resolution volumes, such as endo volumes.

Improved Volume Reslicer tool

The Volume Reslicer tool is used for creating 2D stacks from 3D volumes, which can be sent to a PACS using DICOM storage or saved to the Romexis 2D imaging module. Romexis 6.4.6 introduces a new mode for Volume Reslicer, which allows creating three stacks – axial, coronal and sagittal – at the same time and also saving the reslicer settings as presets for later use. Additionally, the reslicer dialog is now full-screen size, which makes it more user friendly.



Implant library download link

The Romexis implant library now includes a text and a link to the Planmeca website where you can download implant library installation packages. Note! the installation needs to be done on the Romexis server computer.

Smart Tools

In addition to permanent teeth, other teeth, such as deciduous dentition and impacted teeth, can now also be segmented. These will be segmented as single objects and listed under the Segmented objects group in the Object Browser.


Other improvements in 3D imaging module

  • Improved speed when maximising views in the Panoramic and Implant modules
  • The Panoramic Curve step removed from the Implant Planning wizard list, as it is no longer needed when using SuperPan
  • The Saved views group moved to the top of the list in the Object Browser
  • When using the Crop for 3D rendering tool, the volume orientation is automatically reset
  • Possibility to make a hole to a sleeve holder in implant guide design
  • The implant guide STL automatically added to the database when created

Cephalometric analysis module

The Romexis® Cephalometric Analysis module includes several improvements to the overall functionality of the module.