Romexis® Dental PACS
Archiving and treatment planning in one software

Planmeca Romexis Dental PACS

As the first dental PACS to offer archiving and treatment planning in the same software, Romexis® Dental PACS has been designed specifically for the needs of dental group practices, hospitals and universities. It provides a device-independent and secure platform to simplify imaging workflows even in complex environments.

Why is the Romexis Dental PACS superior?

Unlike other picture archiving and communication systems, Romexis Dental PACS is part of one software solution that allows viewing all 2D and 3D images and also includes full dental treatment planning capabilities. This removes the need to launch images to separate software for 3D viewing or treatment planning – greatly reducing the need to install, maintain and learn to use different software at clinics.

Quick access to images

When opening images directly from the Planmeca Romexis® server, all images are presented as thumbnails. This makes accessing the correct image easy and efficient. All images can also be transferred and archived as compressed DICOM files to further minimise the time needed to access them.

Open for all imaging equipment

Romexis Dental PACS allows archiving images from 3rd party X-ray units using DICOM Storage. Direct 2D capture is also available using the TWAIN standard. Moreover, the Romexis software is able to archive STL intraoral scans from 3rd party software in the DICOM standard format.

See Planmeca Romexis DICOM Conformance Statement >>

Scalable single database

The Romexis software can be configured to implement imaging workflows in various IT environments. Our customers successfully run the software both in a large single-server and synchronised server-to-server setup.

Tutorial videos

Looking for ways to use the Romexis® dental software more efficiently? Explore our tutorial videos to learn new tips and tricks.


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