Planmeca PlanCAD Premium 3.5

The new 3.5 version of Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium introduces many new interesting features, such as new Smile Creator module, automatic activation of add-on modules and improvements in the current workflows.

PlanCAD Premium 3.5. release


New Smile Creator module

With the new Smile Creator module, Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium users can design natural smiles and plan predictable aesthetic restorations virtually. By combining patient photos and 3D information of the patient’s teeth with outlines, helpers and other familiar planning tools and workflows in Planmeca PlanCAD Premium, the computer-aided planning can be done predictably in 3D, taking all aesthetic and functional aspects into consideration.

The Smile Creator module is available as a software upgrade for existing Planmeca PlanCAD Premium Standard users and by default for new users.

PlanCAD Premium 3.5 Smile Creator module

Improvements in workflows

The new Planmeca PlanCAD Premium 3.5 version includes many workflow improvements.

Automatic activation of add-on modules

All new add-on module purchases are automatically transferred to and activated in the new 3.5 version of Planmeca PlanCAD Premium on software startup through the license server. Manual activation of module license keys is thus no longer needed in the new version.

Material configuration update

Planmeca PlanMill® 50 and Planmeca PlanMill® 50 S material configuration has been updated to include new block materials IPS ZirCAD Multi, Coltene Crios and Tetric CAD.

Material configuration update

License updates

Standard version update

The Planmeca PlanCAD Premium Standard has been updated to include a wide range of functions that support the most common digital workflows and indications. The updated Standard version now includes the Abutment and Implant Bar/Bridge module, the Model Creator module and the new Smile Creator module in addition to the familiar crown and bridge design, virtual articulator and true view features.

Add-on modules are available as before to expand the indication range even further. Add-on modules are available for indications such as removable partial dentures, bite splints and dentures.

Model Creator standalone license

A new license for Planmeca Creo® C5 users enables the design of printable models and implant models with the Model Creator module without the need to acquire the complete Planmeca PlanCAD Premium design platform. This new license is subscription-based and automatically renewed with a license fee.

PlanCAD Premium 3.5 Model Creator license