Planmeca Romexis software release 3.3.0.R

Planmeca Romexis Release 3.3.0.R

3D module

Autofocus tools for perfect panoramic slices

Introducing new automatic panoramic slice adjustment tools:

  • Panoramic Autofit: automatically places the focal layer plane on the dental arch (introduced in Planmeca Romexis® 3.2.R). Provides great results for exposures where the anatomical area does not match the default panoramic curve.
  • Panoramic Autofocus: intelligently identifies the most prominent anatomy and forms a 3D adaptive focal layer.
    - Provides great results for all exposures, even the ones with complex anatomies.
    - Allows using a thinner focal layer for a sharper panoramic view while keeping all points of interest in focus.
    - NB. You can still edit the panoramic curve to adjust the result of the Autofocus tool.


Old default panoramic view (Planmeca ProMax® 3D Max)

Panoramic Autofit* tool result (20 mm focal layer)
(*introduced in Planmeca Romexis® 3.2.R)

Intelligent panoramic view with just two clicks using Panoramic Autofit and Panoramic Autofocus tools (6 mm focal layer). You can now produce great panoramic views of any volume with only two mouse clicks:

NB. Adjusting the layer thickness has an effect on the Autofocus result and can be used to change the anatomical area included in the panoramic view.

Panoramic curve editing tools

There are now new options for editing the panoramic curve.

While drawing a new curve

  • Click beyond the beginning or end of the curve to extend it with new control points
  • Click between two existing points to add a new point between them
  • Click on an existing point to delete it
  • Hold down Shift key to move existing points

While editing an existing curve, hold down CTRL key and

  • Click beyond the beginning or end of the curve to extend it with new control points
  • Click between two existing points to add a new point between them
  • Click on an existing point to delete it

NB. The panoramic curve now updates immediately when new points are added or adjusted. This makes editing more intuitive.

ProFace and STL Fitting Wizard

Planmeca Romexis® 3.3.R introduces a new Fitting Wizard. Benefits:

  • Makes fitting of before/after ProFace images easier
  • Allows fitting a new ProFace image to a CBCT volume using an existing ProFace image as a reference

  • Simplifies the process of placing upper and lower dental models to the correct bite by using a bite piece model
  • All ROI editing tools required for the fitting process are included in the wizard
  • Additional preparations to perform the above are no longer required

ProFace/Surface module background color

The background color for ProFace/Surface module is now light blue.

More visibility in 3D Explorer slice views

3D implants, crowns, nerves and intraoral scan contours are now all visible in 3D Explorer slice views.

Cross section auto mirror

Planmeca Romexis® can now automatically mirror cross-sectional slices. The mirroring takes place at the apex of the panoramic curve. To adjust the mirror point, modify the panoramic curve so that its apex is in the desired mirror point.

Panoramic curve apex = automatic mirror point

New 2D Snapshot options

New options for 2D Snapshots are available in the Save 2D View dialog.

Save 2D View dialog in 3D imaging module

Generate images as shown

When enabled, this option will generate 2D snapshots with the currently applied zoom factor so that the result corresponds to the preview. When disabled, a default zoom factor will be used. 

2D Imaging module showing the result of Save 2D View tool

Set As Default Preset

Sets the current setting as a default for all new 2D snapshots. This also applies to 2D snapshots that are generated using the Quickshot tool.

2D and 3D module

New 2D and 3D export dialogs

  • Include Viewer option - It is now possible to choose whether to include Planmeca Romexis® Viewer for ex. when writing images to a CD/DVD.
  • Skip the Launcher option – It is now possible to skip the patient selection screen in Viewer launcher and open the volume directly to Planmeca Romexis Viewer. This option is especially useful when only one image is exported with the viewer minimizing the number of clicks required to open the image.
  • 3x3D data sets (CBCT, Planmeca ProFace® photo, intraoral scans) can now be exported in a combined set of data. The set can be imported into another installation of Planmeca Romexis® or used with Planmeca Romexis Viewer. All objects visible in 3D Explorer module can be included in the exported data set


Cloud Export dialog

  • 3x3D data sets (CBCT, Planmeca ProFace® photo, intraoral scans) can now be sent to Planmeca Romexis® Cloud using Cloud Export dialog.
  • Implants, annotations and saved views can now be transferred through Planmeca Romexis Cloud. If the data is imported in another Planmeca Romexis with Implant Library installed, the implants will be displayed as correct models. Planmeca Romexis Viewer will display the implants as cylinders of corresponding dimensions.
  • Cloud Export dialog has been redesigned for easier use.