Planmeca Romexis software release 4.6.0.R


2D imaging

There is now possible to rotate image freely when importing and also align face image based on the patient’s eyes, for example.

Full-screen mode added to 2D image.


Object browser helps managing all annotations and measurements. Annotations can be hidden, deleted and their color can be changed easily. 



3D imaging

Airways segmentation tool allows fast and user-friendly airways analysis. 


Endo measurement tool allows measuring and marking root canal of the tooth.


Fitting dental models CBCT tools has been improved. Now the automatic fitting result can be verified in the fitting window and result is show as deviation map. 

New precise cut tool for surface images


Implant planning

Copy and Flip implant tool in right-click menu. 


The implant library allows defining the a list of favourite implants. 


New implants and sleeves in the implant library. 


Implant Guide Design

Support bars can be added to stabilise the guide structure. 



New grid tool for automatically positioning teeth silhouettes. 


Object browser helps managing all annotations and measurements. Annotations can be hidden, deleted and their color can be changed easily. 


4D Jaw Motion

A new convenient option to move from CBCT imaging to the tracking phase without jaw segmentation is now available. 


New time line slider shows the playback progress and also allows manual navigation and speed adjustment.  With the TimePOI function, quick links to specific time points in a recording can be created.


It is now possible to measure angles directly in the chart views. Chart view panel size can also be adjusted. 


The coordinates of a POI measurement are now shown dynamically in the Annotations list.


The POI coordinates can now be exported in MS Excel format and 4D Jaw Motion cases are supported by Planmeca Romexis® Viewer.



Clinic management

Support for the Planmeca ProSensor HD intraoral sensor. 


Location of logged in users can be viewed in the Clinic Management. Location is defined based on the Planmeca PlanID identification card. 


The use of Planmeca Sovereign Classic dental units can now be prevented if flushing cycles have not been performed. 


Patient recognition information can now be acquired through a patient sensor integrated in dental units. This allows seeing which dental units are currently occupied and which are free.

Automatic Cephalometric analysis service 

It is now possible to order cephalometric tracing and analyses using an automatic online service integrated in Planmeca Romexis 2D Module.



Planmeca Romexis Veterinary Edition

The new veterinary edition of the software introduces a full feature set for managing imaging for animal patients.