Key features

Available with or without table

Delivery type
Balanced instrument arms or hanging tubes

All Planmeca Compact™ i instruments

Intraoral scanners
Planmeca Emerald® and Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanners

Operating light
Planmeca Solanna® operating light or Planmeca Solanna® Vision operating light with integrated 4K cameras

Planmeca Serenus™ medical grade display

Infection control
Integrated instrument waterline flushing and suction tube cleaning
- Same interfaces as in clinical dental care units
- Compatible with centralised systems

system
Planmeca PlanID™ sign-in system

Clinic monitoring
Romexis® Clinic Management software solution for recording device data and monitoring device use

Three options for the phantom
- KaVo
- Frasaco
- Nissin

Motorised up/down adjustment of the torso

Connections for external devices

Support for new Planmeca Compact™ i dental unit features

Equal working ergonomics for both right- and left- handed users