Digital teaching concept

Based on your vision, we create a modern learning environment with state-of-the-art equipment and features designed especially for educational use of university clinics. Our unmatched digital teaching concept offers the most advanced tools for modern dental education. The end result is an inspiring learning environment for students and a cost-efficient teaching model for dental schools and universities.

Preclinical solutions

We offer different simulation solutions for all educational needs. Our approach is to create a modern learning environment that simulates real treatment situations and provides a smooth transition from preclinical to clinical work. All our solutions are suitable for teaching both two and fourhanded dentistry and instantly convertible from right to lefthanded use.

Preclinical solutions

Planmeca dental unit in clinical environment

With Planmeca dental unit in clinical environment, simulations can be carried out with a phantom head or with a simulation head and torso. This solution offers flexible utilisation of space – the same clinic can be used for simulation and for normal treatments.

Planmeca dental unit in clinical environment

Planmeca simulation unit

Planmeca’s dental simulation unit helps students learn the correct working ergonomics and master proper infection control routines from day one. The modular design fits into any room layout and provides a smooth transition from preclinical to clinical work.


Planmeca bench simulation

Intraoral imaging simulation

Our intraoral X-ray unit can be installed in a special lead-lined cabinet. Students can easily and safely practise intraoral techniques using a phantom head together with our intraoral sensors or imaging plates. The cabinet provides safe X-ray acquisition in the classroom and teaches the real workflows in endodontics and other special fields. The images are immediately available in the Planmeca Romexis® software.

Intraoral imaging solution

All-in-one software advantages for universities

At the heart of all Planmeca products is our world-leading Romexis software that meets all the imaging, CAD/CAM and digital dental equipment management needs set by any dental education facility.

All-in-one software advantages for universities


- Integration with practice management systems
- Integration with major educational systems like Axium and Salud
- Automatic exchange of referrals, images and interpretations
- Integration with various specialty software: Dolphin 3D, Simplant, NobelClinician

Modern learning environment

- Combination of 2D, CBCT, 3D photo and CAD/CAM to create lifelike virtual patients
- Training of realistic treatment workflows with an intraoral simulation unit in classroom
- Planmeca mRomexis™ imaging application for iOS and Android devices

Built-in security and quality assurance

- Infection control
- Radiology process to enforce radiation hygiene
- Electronic approvals and gates
- Full audit trail with powerful reporting tools
- Powerful user and group management with Active Directory support

Automatic student performance metrics

- Dental unit instrument use
- Automatic X-ray exposure values
- Integrated reject analysis
- Digital comparison of student preparations with teacher benchmarks

Radiology approval process

Planmeca’s digital imaging solutions offer new teaching possibilities in radiology as well as improved radiation hygiene. The Romexis radiology approval process prevents unauthorised use of all radiation-emitting devices and guarantees a safe learning process.

Radiology approval process

Planmeca Romexis® Compare evaluation tool

Planmeca Romexis® Compare is a powerful self-assessment tool that enables students to evaluate and measure their work individually against a master template. From learning dental morphology through virtual digital waxing to comparing their work to their instructor’s chosen ‘ideal’ – students get detailed objective feedback so they can focus on perfecting their clinical skills.

Planmeca Romexis Compare evaluation tool

Workflow with Planmeca Romexis Compare

Workflow with Planmeca Romexis Compare Scan


- Open-architecture plug-and-play scanner/laptop-based system for portability and flexibility in a dental school environment
- High-definition, video-like scanning technology for fast, efficient, and high-quality scanning

Workflow with Planmeca Romexis Compare Compare


- Designed to assist in evaluating students’ work
- Immediate and objective feedback to faculty and students
- Provides students with a self-assessment evaluation tool
- Resolves faculty evaluation discrepancies
- Reduces time wasted in discussions of grade legitimacy, providing faculty with more time to focus on instructing students

Workflow with Planmeca Romexis Compare Evaluate


- Allows calculating numerical evaluations based on faculty-controlled standards to provide truly objective outcomes
- Allows gathering data and metrics for each student’s preparation – possible to save in a spreadsheet format

Better daily operations through information

All Planmeca dental units can be connected to Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management software. It collects information of all dental unit usage and thus acts as a practical tool for student evaluation and scientific research. It allows storing personal dental unit settings, such as chair positions and instrument settings, and enables applying specified user restrictions for different user groups (e.g. more advanced options for post-graduate students).

Planmeca Romexis Clinic Management software

Network of partner companies for specialised and complimentary solutions

In addition to our own products and services, we have a long history of working together with an extensive network of companies that provide specialised and complimentary solutions regarding, for example, water quality, haptic simulations and video streaming.

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