Reliable dental unit infection control

Clean water and dental unit infection control that meets the highest of standards have always been essential elements in Planmeca dental unit design – supporting the safety of the clinic staff and ensuring a risk-free treatment environment for patients.

University collaboration

Innovative product development and cooperation with the world’s leading dental universities have helped us come up with comprehensive, thoroughly studied solutions for both external and internal dental unit infection control.

Studies solutions for external and internal dental unit infection control

Scientifically proven suction tube cleaning

The Planmeca Suction Tube Cleaning System is a simple and highly reliable way to guarantee a safe treatment environment and the proper functioning of the dental unit suction system. The efficacy of the system has been proven in an independent scientific study*.

* M.A. Boyle, et al., Overcoming the problem of residual microbial contamination in dental suction units left by conventional disinfection using novel single component suction handpieces in combination with automated flood disinfection, Journal of Dentistry (2015)

Reliable external infection control

The smooth, uniform surfaces of our dental units make them easy to clean. This ensures impeccable external dental unit infection control – a crucial element of safe dental treatments. The powder-coated epoxy surfaces are extremely durable and resistant to cleaning agents. All critical components can also be autoclaved and the unit's bowl detached for easy cleaning.

Planmeca dental unit impeccable infection control