Planmeca Solanna® Vision
Intelligent light for brighter workdays

Operating light with two integrated 4K cameras

Planmeca Solanna® Vision is not only a state-of-the-art operating light, but also an advanced data centre. It is an intelligent operating light with two fully integrated 4K cameras, a digital zoom and integrated microphones.

Planmeca Solanna Vision two integrated 4K cameras

Take still images and videos easily

With Planmeca Solanna Vision, you can take premium-quality still images and videos. You can record treatment sessions and use these recordings e.g. to educate your patients, to consult with your colleagues or to document treatment information. The integrated cameras can stream entire treatment sessions or record individual moments during treatment. Everything is automatically stored in the Planmeca Romexis® software for easy access.

Planmeca Solanna Vision Take still images easily

Make your workflow faster and smoother

With no need for extra cameras, your workflow becomes smoother than ever before. Planmeca Solanna Vision's cameras are sealed behind a one-piece front cover and can be easily operated via the Romexis software, the dental unit’s user interface, the operating light handle or the unit’s foot control.

Planmeca Solanna Vision - Make your workflow faster and smoother

Enjoy exceptional image quality

Planmeca Solanna Vision's wide imaging field allows capturing the complete operating area. The advanced exposure and light control prevents overexposure and guarantees the best possible image quality. Built-in image stabilisation assures stable and sharp images and recordings in all conditions.

Planmeca Solanna Vision exceptional image quality

Brightness and colour of your choice

Planmeca operating lights provide perfect visibility over the entire treatment area. There is enough intensity for all dental procedures, and you can adjust the brightness and colour temperature according to your own preferences and specific treatments. The operating light’s effortless movements allow smooth positioning in all situations.

Find out more about the exceptional lighting features of our Planmeca Solanna operating lights (available with or without integrated cameras) >>

Planmeca Solanna Vision - Brightness and colour of your choice

Dr Bart Vanderberghe

It’s an amazing and powerful tool, because the patient can see what happens both during treatment and afterwards. I also use it as a teaching method. When we do live surgery, we can really zoom on the actual operation – just wow. We don’t even have to adjust the light, because you have the light and camera in one. I think that every dentist should have one at their clinic.”


Dr Bart Vandenberghe


Advimago Center for Advanced Oral Imaging,
Brussels, Belgium

Dr Milan Stoilov

"We use the Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light daily in the education of our students. It is an essential tool especially for conducting live demonstrations and for recording videos for our preclinical courses. The camera zoom gives us the opportunity to display important facts in detail. The integrated cameras make it easy to focus on important issues, and adequate illumination is guaranteed at the same time.”


Dr Milan Stoilov


Department of Prosthodontics, Preclinical Education and Dental Materials Science, University Hospital Bonn,

Dr Seppo Lindroos

“Capturing still photos or videos of a dental treatment in a clinical setting with Planmeca Solanna Vision is incredibly easy. With this functionality, I can easily visualise the oral health conditions to a patient during a dental check-up or explain what I am doing during the treatment. Using the light’s cameras in patient communication saves time and has also increased our customer satisfaction.”


Dr Seppo Lindroos


Medident Dental Clinic,
Helsinki, Finland