Planmeca Romexis software release 3.6.0


Planmeca Romexis Release 3.6.0.R


Windows XP support

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP on 8 April 2014 and will no longer release security patches for the operating system.

Due to the discontinuation of operating system support, 3.6.0.R will be the last officially supported Planmeca Romexis® version on Microsoft Windows XP.

2D module

Partitioning a 2D image

Use the new Partition Image tool to divide a 2D image into smaller images using a pre-defined study template.

The Partition Image creates a new study filled with sub-images that are copied from the original image, based on the selected study template layout, zoom and overlay parameters. The occlusal level smile line can be easily adjusted using control points. This tool can be used for example to divide a panoramic image into images resembling intraoral images.


3D module

Creating a copy of 3D volume

It is now possible to create a copy of a 3D volume by using 3D Export Volume and its new option As new image to database

This option creates a copy of the volume to the Volumes list with the options chosen in the Export dialog, for ex. cropping, rotation, down sampling, including annotations, etc. The feature can be used for example to divide a 3D volume into upper and lower jaws.

Deleting all saved views

It is now possible to delete all saved views attached to a volume by using the new Delete All option in the Delete View drop-down list. This option deletes all the views visible in the list (including all annotations and saved views).

New implants to Planmeca Romexis® implant library

New implant manufacturers and models have been added to Implant Library DVD:


  • Osstem
  • Conmet
  • Cortex Dental Implants
  • Alpha-Bio


  • Bego (new product line RS/RSX-Line)
  • Bredent (new product lines mini1SKY, mini2SKY and narrowSKY)
  • MegaGen Implant (new product lines AnyRidge, ExFeel Internal [TA 1.2] and ExFeel Internal [TA 2.2.])
  • MiS (new product line C1)
  • Tekka by Global D (new product line In-Kone Primo)


  • Serf by Global D (updated manufacturer name)
  • Tekka by Global D (removed outdated product lines and updated manufacturer name)

Planmeca Romexis® Cephalometric Analysis module

New rotating feature to VTO

It is now possible to rotate elements by using any point in the image as the rotation center.

For example, to rotate the frontal part of the mandible by using the maxillary incisor incisal edge as the rotation center:

1. CTRL + left click on the element
2. Drag the element rotation center (red dot) to the maxillary incisor incisal edge
3. Rotate the element by dragging the red point on the red circle around the rotation center