New Planmeca ProSensor® HD elevates the standard of intraoral dental imaging

Planmeca further strengthens its position in the intraoral imaging market with a new addition to its product portfolio. The Planmeca ProSensor® HD intraoral sensor offers a unique combination of image quality, patient-centred design and usability. It sets a new standard for intraoral dental imaging – ensuring successful results in all treatment situations.

Planmeca ProSensor® HD

Planmeca ProSensor® HD is an innovative new intraoral sensor that provides users with many key benefits. It produces outstanding images in a matter of seconds, while providing usability that assures smooth operation at all times. The intraoral sensor is fully compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.

Cutting-edge image quality and usability

With an image resolution of over 20 lp/mm, Planmeca ProSensor HD offers true HD quality. Supporting detailed diagnosis, the intraoral sensor with a fibre-optic layer captures sharp, low noise and high contrast images. The wide dynamic range of the sensor guarantees consistent results.
Planmeca ProSensor HD is always easily at hand. It can be integrated into the Planmeca ProX™ intraoral X-ray unit, or connected to through Ethernet or a USB port. The sensor has a sophisticated magnetic connector that is easy to attach using only one hand, while the white colour of the sensor’s cover enhances visibility to ease positioning. The elegant control box with a distinguished design is equipped with a colour-coded LED light, providing instant visual feedback of the imaging procedure.

Durable patient-centred design

Planmeca ProSensor HD has been designed with patient comfort and durability at mind. The sensor has rounded edges that make imaging procedures comfortable for patients and capturing an image takes only a few seconds. To fulfil all intraoral imaging needs, the sensor is available in three different sizes.

Planmeca ProSensor HD has been built to last. For optimal endurance, the sensor cable includes only two wires and Planmeca’s special five-year warranty program ensures that the sensor is a safe investment.

“Planmeca ProSensor HD is a refined combination of usability, design and image quality,” notes Ms. Helianna Puhlin-Nurminen, Vice President, Digital Imaging and Applications division at Planmeca. “The intraoral sensor’s clever design details ensure an efficient workflow, while also taking patients’ needs into consideration. Planmeca ProSensor HD provides outstanding images without compromise – quickly, easily and consistently.”

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