Planmeca and BWT start a collaboration to create water treatment solutions for dental clinics

Healthcare technology manufacturer Planmeca has started a collaboration with Europe’s leading water technology company BWT. As a result of this partnership, the companies are introducing new water treatment solutions for dental units and autoclaves. The solutions will be presented for the first time at IDS 2023 in Cologne.

Planmeca and BWT start a collaboration to create water treatment solutions for dental clinics

Press release Mar 15, 2023

Planmeca x BWT Clean Water Systems are the result of the collaboration between two internationally renowned brands, bringing together Planmeca’s dental care technology and BWT’s water treatment expertise. The aim of the partnership is to provide optimal and reliable water treatment solutions for dental clinics around the world. The solutions are designed for clinics of all sizes and ensure that clean water is always available for dental units and autoclaves.

Clean water is essential in a clinic environment: it supports the safety of the clinic staff and helps to ensure a risk-free treatment environment for patients. Clean water is also needed to keep dental units, autoclaves, instruments, and other dental equipment functioning properly.

The Planmeca x BWT Clean Water Systems product range includes water treatment solutions for different needs and different clinic environments.

For individual dental units, the product range offers Planmeca Patrol™ by BWT, a dental unit integrated water filtration system that doesn’t require any external filters. The system removes unwanted particles from the water entering the unit, prevents limescale formation, adjusts water hardness and improves the smell and taste of the water. Filtered water will help keep dental units and instruments functioning properly, preventing unexpected service calls and downtime.

The product range also includes water filtration systems for individual autoclaves and for clinics with multiple dental units and autoclaves, as well as water disinfection solutions for clinics and dental schools. The disinfection solutions bring significant time and cost savings to larger clinic environments, since they keep dental unit waterlines continuously clean without the need for separate waterline cleaning.

“We are happy to have started this collaboration with BWT, a company renowned for its water technology solutions. Our dental units and their water treatment know-how are a perfect match, and there is enormous potential to expand this cooperation into new areas and new innovative solutions in the future,” says Tuomas Jurvanen, Vice President for Planmeca’s dental care units.

“We are proud of the collaboration with Planmeca. It is an honour to provide BWT water treatment systems for their customers around the world. The clinic owners will benefit from a sustainable clean water solution for dental units and autoclaves with a minimum consumption of the earth's resources,” says Tonni Bechmann Angelsø, Global Dental Business Manager from BWT.

Discover Planmeca x BWT Clean Water Systems at IDS 2023 from 14−18 March in Hall 1, Stand A20−C29.

For more information, please contact:

Tuomas Jurvanen
Vice President, Dental Care Units, Planmeca Oy
Tel. +358 20 779 5866


Planmeca Oy and Planmeca Group

Planmeca Oy is one of the world's leading dental equipment manufacturers, with a product range covering digital dental units, CAD/CAM solutions, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices and comprehensive software solutions. Privately owned and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the company offers a portfolio of products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. Planmeca Oy is part of the Finnish Planmeca Group, which consists of several healthcare technology brands, each committed to innovation and design. With 4,500 employees worldwide, Planmeca Group companies achieved a combined pro forma turnover of EUR 1.2 billion in 2021.


The BWT – Best Water Technology – Group is a leading water technology company in Europe with a staff of more than 5,500, working on innovative, economic and ecologically friendly water treatment technologies to provide private households, industry, commerce, hotels and municipalities with the safest, healthiest and most hygienic water possible for their day-to-day needs. BWT provides modern water treatment systems and services for drinking water, process water, pool water and, especially, WFI – water for injection for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The company’s research and development staff works on new techniques and materials using cutting-edge methods to develop economical and ecologically friendly products. Employees work particularly hard to create products which use fewer resources and less energy, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Sustainability is in BWT’s DNA, and every BWT product contributes to the conservation of our most valuable resource, water. BWT’s Claim – For You and Planet Blue – is today more relevant than ever before, given the challenges our society faces worldwide today. With its unique and patented water treatment technologies, BWT contributes every day to “Change the World – sip by sip” – not only through the creation of “Bottle Free Zones” but also with its worldwide leading know how in the development and production of high-performance membranes for the fuel cell – the energy converter of the 21st century.

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