Dental unit user stories

”As a dental hygienist I work alone which means I am also in charge of all infestion control tasks. These tasks are very easy to perform with the Planmeca Sovereign Classic dental unit – it offers fully integrated suction tube cleanings and disinfections. Even a beginner could use the unit."

Jonas Englund — Dental hygienist
Helsinki, Finland

Dental unit user story patient comfort

Pleasing for patients

“Patients treated with Planmeca units tend to move less since they feel much more comfortable than in other units. Our patients specifically request for treatments to be carried out on Planmeca units. Planmeca’s dental unit design is very different and modern looking. Patients easily identify them as higher-end units due to their nice ergonomic design.”

Dr. Hikmah Mohd Nor — Lecturer and Clinical Coordinator
Faculty of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia

Dental unit user story infection control

Easy infection control

“Planmeca dental units are significantly easier to service with their clear error reporting system shown on the screen. The issues encountered with them have been very minimal. The epoxy powder finishing and smooth surface facilitate efficient infection control, and the infection control steps are so straightforward that students have no excuse for not following them. The unit’s construction is very durable and the upholstery is very comfortable for both students and patients.”

MD Arshad — Chief Dental Technologist
Faculty of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia

Dental unit user story patient chair ultra relax upholstery

Comfort with Planmeca Compact™ i units

“The comfort of the patient chair’s Ultra Relax™ upholstery makes a real difference when compared to other dental units. Patients also find the modern and elegant design appealing. Overall I would say it is very comfortable and relaxing to work with these units.”

Dr. Edgar Berg — Dental Surgeon
Clínica Odontológica Berg, Temuco, Chile