Communicate scan results and impress your patients with Planmeca Imprex™

Planmeca is introducing a mobile scanning station to support dental professionals in intraoral scanning and patient communication. Designed to fit any clinical setup, the Planmeca Imprex™ scanning station for Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanner ensures ergonomic working positions and allows visualising the oral health conditions and treatment plans to patients.

Communicate scan results and impress your patients with Planmeca Imprex™

Press release Mar 17, 2023

Planmeca Imprex™ mobile scanning station allows dental professionals to impress their patients with high-quality digital impressions. The portable scanning station with a 15’’ touch screen can be moved freely close to any dental unit, giving patients the chance to view their intraoral scans and treatment plans together with their dentist while sitting comfortably in the patient chair.

Planmeca Imprex has an integrated high-performance PC with a pre-installed Planmeca Romexis® suite, which is immediately ready for use with the Planmeca Emerald® S intraoral scanner for capturing digital impressions  – just plug and scan! Thanks to the built-in LAN and Wi-Fi connection, the intraoral scans captured on the station are stored to Romexis database and immediately available for further use on any workstation in the same network. The scans can also be sent to external partners or laboratories directly from the station.

The touch screen of the scanning station is located on a 50 cm monitor arm and can be moved to an optimal angle to suit different working positions from 9 to 15 o’clock. The scanner holder can be positioned on either side of the screen to suit both right- and left-handed users. Additionally, the clinician’s foot fits comfortably under the tripod leg.

The sleek and slim scanning station has been designed to fit any clinical environment. The tripod construction makes it easy to use in any clinical setup, as the station can be moved around and rotated freely. The medical-grade device is optimally suited for treatment rooms and can be disinfected with wipes.

“Each dental professional using an intraoral scanner is different. With Planmeca Imprex, we can cater to an even wider range of user needs. While some prefer using a laptop or desktop computer in the treatment room, some want to use the scanner plugged into a Planmeca dental unit, and some prefer a cart. Planmeca Imprex can be moved close to dental unit – regardless of the brand. It is a great tool for dental professionals for engaging their patients in the treatment process as it helps visualise oral health conditions and treatment plans,” Jukka Kanerva, Senior Vice President at Planmeca explains.

Planmeca will be presenting Planmeca Imprex at IDS 2023.

For further information, please contact:
Jukka Kanerva
Senior Vice President, Planmeca Oy
Tel. +358 20 779 5848

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