Planmeca Compact i5
Designed to last – made to perform

For ultimate durability and resistance, the dental unit’s main material is recyclable aluminium.

The Planmeca Emerald® intraoral scanner can be used and shared just like any other instrument.

All the essential infection control functions are neatly organised in their own compartments.

The floating chair provides extensive legroom for both the dentist and the assistant.

The Planmeca Solanna™ operating light provides clear visibility to all corners of the treatment area.

The smooth and wide delivery arm movements support an ergonomic workflow.

The LED indicator shows the status of cleaning procedures and can be matched to any upholstery colour.

The wide height adjustment range allows you to work comfortably in different positions.

The Planmeca PlanID™ sign-in system allows access to personal settings with a flash of a card.

The intuitive touch panel offers user guidance in 25 languages.

The plug-and-play instruments allow shared instrument use.

The foldable leg rest makes it easy for patients to enter and exit the chair.

Two high-quality upholstery types are available – both in a wide range of vibrant colours.

The foot control can be positioned freely and used to carry out all the necessary functions.

The sleek and distinctive design of the Planmeca Compact™ i5 dental unit has been created to stand the test of time. Our product development is always guided by what we believe contributes to good design – ergonomics, safety, comfort, and aesthetics. In Planmeca Compact i5, these design values have been honed and perfected to the highest level.

Relaxed dental team and patients

The Planmeca Compact™ i5 dental unit has been designed to offer the smoothest possible workflow for the dental team and the most enjoyable treatment experience for patients of all sizes and ages. It allows the entire clinic to benefit from stress-free dentistry.

Planmeca Compact i5 relax

Wellbeing for the dental team

Planmeca Compact i5 helps make everyday work smoother, more comfortable, and less stressful. It provides convenient access to the treatment area due to its floating chair and narrowing backrest, with plenty of working space also for the assistant. Ergonomics are further supported by ideal instrument balance.

Wellbeing for the patient

The unit’s foldable and automatic leg rest makes entering and exiting the chair easy for patients. The chair’s design follows the body’s shape and provides firm and comfortable support. In addition, our Ultra Relax™ upholstery adapts to the patient’s weight and body heat – leading to an enjoyable overall experience.

Planmeca Compact i5 patient comfort

Planmeca Compact i5 wellbeing

A safe working and treatment environment

With Planmeca’s dental units, clean water is a given – a core value of our product development. The practical design solutions of Planmeca Compact™ i5 make infection control especially easy, as all the essential functions are neatly organised, integrated, automated, guided, and recorded. A safe environment is guaranteed for both the dental team and the patients.

Planmeca Compact i5 infection control