Optimal patient comfort

Planmeca dental units are designed with ultimate patient comfort in mind. An important part of a positive experience at a dental clinic is that patients feel relaxed and cared for. The dental unit plays a key role in this, as they are a central part of treatments and building trust.

Approachable and inviting design

Planmeca’s dental units adapt perfectly to patients of all shapes and sizes, be they children or adults. The units also come in a range of stylish and inviting colours – easing the discomfort a patient of any age may feel before their treatment.

Planmeca Dental unit patient comfort accessories

Relaxing treatment environment

With accurate positioning and support, Planmeca dental units help clinicians focus on providing high-quality treatments. The dental chair design follows the shape of the patient’s body and provides firm and comfortable support. Our units can also be fitted with armrests to provide additional patient comfort and support.

Planmeca dental unit patient comfort

World class upholsteries

We offer two upholstery options for our dental units, Comfy™ and Ultra Relax™. Both come in a wide range of colours and offer great patient comfort. Made of durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam, our Ultra Relax upholstery even adapts to a patient’s weight and body heat – especially appreciated during longer treatments.

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Planmeca dental care units safe treatment

Easy access and consultation

Planmeca dental units allow you to conduct initial discussions with your patients in a comfortable sitting position, while maintaining eye contact. The foldable legrest also ensures easy entry to and exit from the chair – especially important for elderly and physically challenged patients.

Planmeca Dental unit patient comfort leg rest

Reassuring for children

Our dental units have been designed to provide children with the assurance and comfort needed to make treatments as soothing as possible. The child cushion seat supports smaller patients and is available in all the same inviting colours as our dental unit upholsteries.

Planmeca dental care units patient comfort