Award-winning dental unit design

Our aim is to create durable and beautifully designed products that stand the test of time – with unmatched attention to detail. Each product we build is of the highest quality, helping to convey a professional image of a dental clinic and build patient trust.

Planmeca dental units designed to last

Stand out with colour

The splendid design of our dental units can be complemented with personalised colours. Users can select their favourite colour from our wide range of inspiring options to create the look of their dreams!

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Planmeca dental units stand out with colour


Practically all visible surfaces in dental units are glossy, which means that surface smoothness and continuity are critical. Our Industrial Designers make sure all reflections on Planmeca dental units flow and bend smoothly and graciously. Checking for irregularities and aiming for continuity, they manipulate and know how reflections and highlights flow on all visible surfaces, long before the parts are manufactured.

Planmeca dental units design glossy surfaces