Project partnership

We know that building a new teaching environment or dental facility is an extensive process. That is why we offer you a complete solution for every stage of the project, covering all key areas.

Functional clinic planning

Functional clinic planning that supports your vision is our specialty. We plan your clinic’s layout with the complete treatment workflow in mind to ensure efficiency and excellent ergonomics for all clinic users. We consider all factors from technical infrastructure to environmental and financial aspects. Optimised floor space, carefully planned cabinetry, efficient organisation of supplies, ideal and efficient material flow, easy instrument management, practical waste organisation and a safe sterilisation process to ensure minimised cross-contamination are all equally important factors – and we take them all into account. We also make sure that the environment fits to different user and educational needs.

Functional clinic planning

We offer

1. Best dental equipment for pre-clinical and clinical use

Leading digital dental equipment for all needs

- All equipment easily networked for centralised remote management
- Ideal platform for future upgrades
- Seamless transition from pre-clinical to clinical use
- Customisable unit and instrument settings

2. Leading systems and software for digital imaging

World-leading solutions for all 2D and 3D imaging needs

- One software platform for all devices
- Radiation control for patient and staff safety
- Integrated imaging approval process for safe learning

3. Centralised supervision of clinics

Unique software concept for optimal clinic operation

- Remote, real-time user assistance and clinic monitoring
- Preventive maintenance
- Significant time and cost-savings

4. Leading partners in electronic patient records and teaching aids

Versatile IP-based teaching aids

- Reliable and renowned commercial partners
- Interactive and motivating learning solutions
- Complete tools for classroom management and telemedicine

5. Over 50 years of innovation

Vast experience in large clinic projects

- The choice of over 300 dental schools
- An upgradeable and future-proof platform solution
- Extensive experience from all over the world
- Experienced staff offering continuous support

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