Planmeca Cleanic™ 500 purifies indoor air in dental clinics silently yet efficiently

Air purifiers are designed to filter out different indoor air pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria and other fine particles. Their use is highly recommended in dental clinics in order to ensure safer breathing air for both the dental team and the patients. According to a recent study*, air filtration could significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread during dental visits.

Planmeca Cleanic™ 500 purifies indoor air in dental clinics silently yet efficiently

News Sep 28, 2020

Large amounts of microbial aerosols are regularly generated during dental treatments, which means that air purifiers can offer several benefits to dental clinics. Furthermore, safe distances are impossible to maintain in dental care, patient turnover is often high, and different chemicals are used during treatment. Air purifiers bring relief to patients and staff who suffer from allergies, hypersensitivities or asthma, and they also remove air pollutants efficiently. Clean air increases employee satisfaction and it has also been observed that eliminating odors might help reduce dental anxiety.

The new Planmeca Cleanic™ 500 air purification system has been designed specifically with dental clinics in mind. The system purifies the air around the dental team and the patients efficiently and adjusts itself according to air quality. Planmeca Cleanic 500 removes odors, gases, microbes and other impurities from indoor air. Despite its efficiency, the system is very quiet.

The smart monitor of Planmeca Cleanic 500 automatically analyses and controls indoor air quality.  In addition to the autopilot mode, a manual purification mode is also available. Air quality can also be monitored and the whole system controlled remotely using a mobile application.

Planmeca Cleanic 500 is a great choice for both small rooms and large clinic areas. Fresh indoor air is ensured by an efficient HEPA filter (99.5%) and a tailored activated carbon filtration system. As the speed of air purification is especially important in a dental environment, the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) offered by Planmeca Cleanic 500 can be as high as 600 m³/h, making it an efficient choice for clinic air purification.

*Read study here.

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