Technical specifications

Technical data

Generator Constant potential, resonance mode high frequency 60–80 kHz
X-ray tube D-058SBR
Focal spot size 0.5 x 0.5 mm (IEC 336)
SID 480 mm (19 in.)
Total filtration min. 2.5 mm Al eq.
Anode voltage 60–70 kV
Anode current 2–7 mA DC
Exposure time 2–10 s
Line voltage 100–132 V~ 50/60 Hz, 180–240 V~ 50 Hz
Regulation ±10 % (automatic)
Line current 8–16 A
Power uptake max: 850 W
Chin rest level 95–178 cm (37.4–70 in.)
Colour White (RAL 9016)
Weight 67 kg (148 lbs)

Imaging programs

Standard: Basic panoramic programs
Standard panoramic, Lateral TMJ, PA TMJ, PA Sinus
Child (Paediatric) mode for each program to reduce the dose
Horizontal and vertical segmenting for panoramic program
Optional: Advanced panoramic programs
Interproximal panoramic, Orthogonal (perio) panoramic, Lateral-PA TMJ, Lateral multiangle TMJ, Lateral non rotational sinus, Cross-sections, Bitewing


Planmeca ProOne technical specifications

Planmeca ProOne dimensions

Physical space requirements

Width 97 cm (38 in.)
Depth 103 cm (41 in.)
Height 223 cm (88 in.)