SCARA imaging technology
Flexible X-ray imaging arm

Unlimited movement range

SCARA imaging technology ensures precise movements without mechanical restrictions. It combines an electro-mechanical construction with real-time computation of dynamic rotation patterns – leading to optimised imaging of each individual patient.

SCARA technology unlimited movement range

Flexible imaging options

SCARA technology allows our Planmeca Viso and Planmeca ProMax X-ray units to carry out a wider variety of imaging programs than X-ray units with fixed rotations. Their precise free-flowing movements provides the ability to produce numerous 2D and 3D imaging geometry options flexibly – including extraoral bitewings and TMJ imaging.

SCARA flexible imaging options

Two SCARA models

We utilise two different versions of SCARA technology in our imaging units – SCARA2 and SCARA3. The former is a two-joint model that is suitable for basic panoramic imaging needs, while the latter is a three-joint model that enables an even more extensive range of movements and can freely produce any patter required by any existing or future exposure program.

SCARA models