Premium quality dental CBCT images

Movement, metal artifacts, and small voxel sizes are recognised as challenges to the quality of dental CBCT images. With Planmeca 3D units and their advanced image enhancement options, you can rise above these concerns and succeed every time. The options can either be selected preventively before imaging or utilised afterwards to achieve reliable results. The choice is yours!

Imaging ultra low dose mode voxel size 600

Ultra Low Dose mode Voxel size 600 μm

For capturing images with a minimal patient dose (ideally suited for orthodontic, pediatric and sinus studies).

Imaging low dose mode voxel size 400

Low Dose mode Voxel size 400 μm

Used for jaw factures, TMJ and small-to-large volume sizes.

Normal dose mode voxel size 200

Normal mode Voxel size 200 μm

The best choice for most common imaging needs.

Imaging high resolution mode voxel size 100

High resolution mode Voxel size 100 μm

Provides more detailed dental CBCT images when required.

Imaging high definition mode voxel size 150

High definition mode Voxel size 150 μm

Designed for imaging small objects, such as ear bones.

Imaging endodontic mode voxel size 75

Endodontic mode Voxel size 75 μm

Offers the best resolution with the smallest size.