Efficient pre-operative planning and treatment follow-ups

Designed to fulfil the diverse diagnostic needs of today’s maxillofacial and dental professionals, Planmeca ProFace is a highly effective tool for pre-operative planning and post-operative comparisons.

Planmeca ProFace pre-operative planning and treatment follow-ups

Powerful software tools

Our Planmeca Romexis® imaging software provides multiple effective tools for measuring, comparing, adjusting and superimposing Planmeca ProFace images.


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Planmeca ProFace efficient software tools

Safer and faster facial surgery

With a CBCT image and a 3D photo generated in one imaging session, the patient’s position, facial expression, and muscle position remain unchanged – resulting in a CBCT image and 3D photo that are perfectly compatible.

Planmeca ProFace safe and fast facial surgery

Flexible exporting and sharing

Planmeca ProFace photos are a useful way to share information with colleagues. They can also be easily exported to dedicated 3rd party orthodontic and surgery simulation software.

Planmeca ProFace exporting and sharing

Planmeca ProFace®
Integrated face photo option for CBCT units

Planmeca ProFace® is a unique way to produce a realistic 3D face photo and a CBCT image with a single scan. A 3D face photo can also be created separately without exposing the patient to any radiation. The integrated system is available for all Planmeca 3D imaging units.