Planmeca ARA™
Metal artifact removal from CBCT images

Endodontic imaging mode without ARA

Without artifact removal

Endodontic imaging mode with ARA

With the Planmeca ARA™ artifact removal algorithm

The Planmeca ARA™ metal artifact removal algorithm is the outcome of extensive scientific research and a vast amount of clinical patient data. It is a standard feature for all Planmeca CBCT imaging units.

Efficient metal artifact removal

Metal restorations and root fillings can cause streaks and shadows to appear in 3D images. The Planmeca ARA algorithm has been designed to efficiently remove these metal artifacts.

Flexibility for all situations

Planmeca ARA is very flexible to use. You can either activate it before imaging or utilise it manually after the exposure. If needed, artifact removal can be performed multiple times at different levels using the original exposure data.

Images without compromise

The Planmeca ARA metal artifact removal algorithm only gets rid of unwanted artifacts – without weakening diagnostic value. The result is a crystal-clear 3D image free from shadows or streaks.