Planmeca endodontic imaging
A new era in precision

Endodontic imaging mode

Planmeca 3D imaging units fully support examining even the finest anatomical details. This makes them an ideal choice for endodontic imaging and other cases requiring particularly precise diagnostics and treatment planning.

Endodontic imaging mode

Endodontic imaging mode

All Planmeca CBCT imaging units offer an imaging mode tailored for endodontics. It allows capturing images with an extremely high resolution and a 75 μm voxel size – perfect for visualising small details.

Comprehensive endodontic software

Our Planmeca Romexis® software offers versatile diagnostic and treatment planning tools for endodontics – such as tools for accurate measurements and 3D visualisations of root canals.

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Endodontic imaging software

CBCT images free from noise

Our Planmeca AINO™ noise filter algorithm removes noise from CBCT images without losing valuable details. It enhances image quality when using the endodontic mode in which noise is inherent due to the extremely small voxel size.


Endodontic imaging mode without AINO

Without noise removal

Endodontic imaging mode with AINO

With the Planmeca AINO™ noise filter

Easy metal artifact removal

Metal restorations and root fillings in the patient’s mouth can cause shadows and streaks in CBCT images. Planmeca ARA™ removes these artifacts efficiently – resulting in crystal clear images.


Endodontic imaging mode without ARA

Without artefact removal

Endodontic imaging mode with ARA

With the Planmeca ARA™ artefact removal algorithm