Planmeca dental stools
Optimum support for all users

Planmeca dental stools

Planmeca dental stools are anatomically designed to provide optimum support and a high degree of comfort. The different models cater to diverse user needs. Easily accessible adjustment levers allow effortless adjustments while seated without distraction from the treatment.

Planmeca Lumo™

A form that follows you

Our anatomically designed Planmeca Lumo™ is an excellent ergonomic choice among dental stools. Its smoothly rotating wheels and multitude of adjustment possibilities ensure optimal working positions for users of all heights and sizes. The stool provides outstanding support and comfort even during the longest workdays.

Planmeca Lumo dental stool ergonomic

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Complete adaptability

Planmeca Lumo moves smoothly on all kinds of floors. The stool’s forward-tilting seat minimises the strain and pressure on thighs and its flexible seat slider ensures that larger users also have enough space.

Optimal support for the back

With a backrest that provides lower back provides support for users of all sizes, Planmeca Lumo has been designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The synchronised backrest follows the user’s every move when enabled, and its height can be flexibly adjusted.

Perfect match with Planmeca dental units

With its distinctive and stylish design, Planmeca Lumo is a natural match with all Planmeca dental units. The stool has two upholstery options (Comfy and Ultra Relax) that are both available in a wide range of colours.


Planmeca Lumo dental stool with backrest