Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S
Enter the world of chairside dental milling

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S

Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S is an excellent choice for clinics looking for a reliable and high-quality dental milling unit. The single-spindle unit has been designed for highly precise fabrication of dental restorations, allowing clinics to offer same-day convenience to their patients.


High-quality dental milling

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is able to handle a wide range of dental milling materials. The unit’s rotary axis enables milling both sides of a block with the same high-speed spindle and its linear motors and smart tool paths guarantee high-quality restorations that fit precisely.

Automated tool changing

Equipped with a fixed 5-station tool changer, Planmeca PlanMill 30 S automatically selects the proper tool for each restoration. The dental milling unit also detects and replaces worn or broken burs.

Easy usability

With an integrated computer and guided maintenance wizard, Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is simple and easy to use. The dental milling unit’s software offers updates on tool wear and block usage.

Versatile dental milling

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S can be used to mill blocks and abutment blocks. The unit can mill a wide range of dental restorations – such as crowns, veneers, up to 6-unit bridges and hybrid abutment crowns.

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Full chairside integration

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S is part of Planmeca FIT® – the chairside CAD/CAM system that combines the entire restorative workflow, from scanning to designing and milling. Planmeca FIT allows clinics to produce restorations in a single patient visit.



Planmeca PlanMill 30 S FIT

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