Steri-Center SCX5
The industry's norm in terms of sterilization centers.

Modular, versatile and configurable modules

Color coding

Built-in soap, gloves and paper dispenser

LED lighting

Pull-out Corian® equipment shelves

Pre-soaking drawers

Optional hands-free features (water and storage doors)

A combination of ergonomic design and workflow efficiency. A place where sturdy construction meets high quality materials. Built to deliver workstations that improve clinical productiveness and simplify infection control process.

Optimal infection control and workflow

Endless configuration options

Durable design


Optimal infection control and workflow

Step by step, organized and color-coded sterilization process based on scientific research to prevent any cross contamination.

01 Protective Equipment

Protect dental workers and patients against hazards and cross-contamination.

02 Waste Management

Dispose and process regulated and non-regulated waste according to the OSHA recommendations.

03 Pre-Soaking

Make cleaning easier and more efficient by preventing drying of patient material.

04 Cleaning

Increase cleaning efficiency, an ultrasonic cleaning process should be used.


05 Rinsing

Remove and dislodged debris or remaining cleaning products.

06 Drying

After cleaning, instruments should be dried prior to being wrapped or packaged and sterilized.

07 Lubrication

Handpieces need to be lubricated to maintain optimal quality and usability.

08 Packaging

Instruments must be wrapped or bagged to protect items and maintain their sterility.


09 Sterilization

Wrapped or bagged instruments must go through a sterilization process to protect dental personnel and patients from any infection.

10 Storage

Store instruments in a safe and dry environment to maintain sterility and prevent contamination.


Endless configuration options

Our modular concept eases the customization of your Steri-Center to fit your practice precisely.


Durable design

Made with quality materials, Planmeca's Steri-Center SCX5 is there to last and that's the reasons why it is delivered with a 3-year warranty.


Give an elegant touch to your clinic

Ask a representative to see our sample case and choose from our fine selection of high quality materials and finishes.