Planmeca PlanCAD Easy 6.1

New look

The new software version introduces a new background and a cleaner look.

PlanCAD Easy 6.1. new look

Support for Planmeca Emerald™ S

The 6.1 software version is the first one that supports the brand new Planmeca Emerald™ S intraoral scanner.

Screen icons

Connected to laptop

This icon indicates that a Planmeca Emerald S is connected to the laptop.

DASH in the Scanner settings is available for the Planmeca Emerald S. With DASH, the scanning speed is increased due to a smaller field of view and less data collected. This is recommended for a full arch scan and other large scanning cases.

Planmeca Emerald Dash


Full arch pattern

The Planmeca Emerald S DASH setting (under Scanner settings) is recommended for full arch scans. Select the setting and proceed to scanning.

1. Start on the distal surface of one side and scan the occlusal of the entire arch. On the anteriors, rotate back and forth from the lingual and facial.

2. Scan all of the buccal. 3. Scan all of the lingual.

4. Evaluate the model and rescan areas with low data, if necessary.

5. To aid automatic alignment, start the scans on the opposing molars and begin the buccal scan in the same quadrant.

Full arch pattern

Improved removal of unwanted data

Removal of unwanted data has been improved both during the scanning and processing. The Active Delete function is now significantly faster.

To remove any unwanted data you have scanned by accident (tongue, cheeck, blood etc.), turn the Active Delete on

  • by pressing the lower button of the Planmeca Emerald™ or Planmeca Emerald™ S scanner or
  • by clicking the Active Delete icon on the screen

and rescan the area.

Planmeca Emerald S lower button

Planmeca Emerald Active Delete icon

When generating the model, the software will automatically remove the isolated islands of data (shown in dark blue).

Isolated islands of data

Highlighting of low data areas

Before the model is generated, areas with low data are higlighted in light blue.

This Show Edges function can be deactivated in the scanner settings.

Highlighting low data areas

Shade Assistant

The Shade Assistant feature only works with the Planmeca Emerald™ S and only with intraoral cases.

Click ICE View to see the scanned model in colours. Hover the mouse over the model to see the the tooth shade.

Shade assistant

Button functionality changes

Two new button functions have been added. The full list of button controls are listed below.

Top button

  • Activate scanner
  • Deactivate scanner
  • Press and hold the top button and tilt the scanner to rotate and zoom the model.
    (Planmeca Emerald S only)
  • You can use the button instead of a mouse click to activate a button when you see this icon.

Top button

Bottom button

  • Switch between scan types
  • While scanning (Live View is open), click to turn the Active Delete function ON/OFF.
  • While scanning (Live View is open), press and hold to take a snapshot.
  • You can use the button instead of a mouse click to activate a button when you see this icon.

Bottom button

Top and bottom button simultaneously

Hold down both buttons simultaneously to open the action menu. Point the scanner towards the screen and rotate the scanner clockwise or counter-clockwise to highlight the desired action and then release the buttons.

  • DELETE Data
  • GENERATE Model
  • ICE Color Model
  • DATA Density

Top and bottom button simultaneously

Button functionalities