Planmeca PlanCAD Premium 4.0

- Redesigned user interface
- New module for designing full dentures
- New module for designing partial denture frameworks
- New Planmeca PlanCAM™ 3.1 software version

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Planmeca PlanCAD Easy 6.3

- Global alignment feature
- Improvements in Active Delete function and buccal alignment
- More flexibility with scan patterns
- New live view options
- Viteo Base Ti implant workflow also available for Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S

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Romexis software release 6.0

NEW! Modern look and feel with improvements in usability
NEW! Workflow wizards
NEW! Single image browser for all patient images
NEW! Floating 2D image windows
NEW! Implant libraries

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Planmeca PlanCAD Premium 3.5

- New Smile Creator module
- New Implant libraries
- Automatic activation of add-on modules
- Material configuration updates

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Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy 6.2

- Model generation improvements
- Interim model improvements
- 360° scanning
- (Open bite scanning option)

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Planmeca PlanCAD Easy 6.1

- Support for Planmeca Emerald™ S intraoral scanner
- Shade Assistant functionality
- Improved removal of unwanted data
- New abutment design and milling workflow
- Reduction of the milling times of Planmeca PlanMill® 30 S

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Planmeca PlanCAD Premium 3.0

- New design tools such as disc cutter
- Virtual articulator enhancements
- Model Creator module with gingiva masks
- New Implant libraries

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Planmeca Romexis software release 5.3.R

- New! Romexis CMF Surgery module
- New! Romexis Dental PACS
- Model comparison and base creation in Model Analyser
- Guide design for immediate implant placement
- Smile Design photorealism improvements

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Release 5.2.R

-    New! Model Analyser module
-    STL export of all 3D objects
-    Implant guide support for edentulous cases
-    Fixation pins added to Implant Library

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Planmeca PlanCAD Easy 6.0 (Romexis 5.1.1 SP1)

- Button and motion controls
- Contralateral tooth copy
- HD Snapshot superimposing