Six reasons clinicians choose Planmeca

Planmeca is one of the largest dental equipment manufactures in the world and a leader in digital dentistry. Here are some of the key reasons clinicians around the world have chosen our products to improve their daily workflows and offer the best possible care to their patients.

Six reasons clinicians choose Planmeca

Article févr. 01, 2021

1. Everything you need – in one software

We offer all the equipment needed at a modern digital dental clinic – from dental units to imaging devices and CAD/CAM solutions. The comprehensive Planmeca Romexis® software ties it all together and allows you to capture, view and process all types of data in the same system. Romexis offers a fantastic range of imaging and treatment planning tools for all specialties and clinical needs.


2. A proven track record of innovation

We strongly believe in providing better care through innovation and have often been the first one to introduce groundbreaking new products to the dental field. This ever-growing series of world-firsts includes the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose CBCT imaging protocol and the Planmeca CALM movement artefact correction algorithm – with more innovations to follow in the coming years.


3. Strong commitment to R&D

As a family-owned and stable company, Planmeca is uniquely positioned to commit to long-term R&D projects that drive the entire industry forward. We closely collaborate with healthcare experts and leading universities from around the world, and our own staff includes professionals from several key areas of expertise, such as electronics, mechanics, industrial, software and UX design.


4. Premium quality from Finland

We design, build and assemble our products using the latest technology and the best materials – and this all takes place at the same location in Helsinki, Finland, ensuring unmatched quality and attention to detail. Our products are hand-made and can be tailored to match the specific needs of each user.


5. Design matters

The sleek Scandinavian design of our equipment certainly pleases the eye, but there is more to the story than aesthetics. From safety and ergonomics to usability and comfort, everything has been taken into consideration. Our practical, durable and beautiful products have won many awards over the years, and they have been designed to comfortably accommodate patients of all sizes.


6. Sustainable, future-proof investment

Our solutions have been designed to scale to your needs and grow with your clinic. You can start with what you need and easily add more products, features and functions later. The great thing about Planmeca is that new features are also made available for older equipment when they are introduced. And once the products do come to the end of their life cycle, 98% of their components can be recycled.

Copy: Daniel Purssila

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