Events in North America

Georgia Dental Association Annual Meeting

20 July 2017 – 23 July 2017

Amelia Island, FL

Find us at booth #504


California Dental Association: San Francisco

24 August 2017 – 26 August 2017

San Francisco, CA

Visit us at booth # 749



A "Classic" Move by Planmeca


Planmeca has always championed the “see more, and discover more dentistry” philosophy – and now we’re putting another exclamation point on that statement. Stepping up once again, Planmeca is announcing a new 11 x 8 cm volume upgrade option for the Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic imaging system. With the increase in volume diameter from the current system’s 8 x 8 cm maximum volume to 11 x 8 cm, it will allow doctors to see more including capturing a larger diagnostic area (to see the third molar) without increasing patient dose.

Planmeca Brings "CALM" to Imaging


There has been a disruption in the capture of dental images, but remain CALM! Planmeca has the solution. The #1 disruptor of image quality for dentists is patient movement. During a dentist appointment, a doctor may need to take several 3D x-ray scans to get a single image of diagnostic quality. Often times a child, an individual with special needs, or an elderly patient are challenged to remain still. This may result in the patient being x-rayed multiple times, which adds more time to the appointment and frustration for patient and doctor, not to mention the concern of additional exposure to radiation.