Making a difference

Planmeca is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people around the world. This is how we make a difference.

Sustainable innovations

We focus on designing lasting, future-proof innovations by investing strongly in R&D. Our solutions can be upgraded with new features without replacing them, which saves a significant amount of resources. When our products do come to the end of their life cycle, 98% of their components can be recycled. Planmeca’s dental units and X-ray devices are built from aluminium, which is both long-lasting and recyclable.

We also have the most environmentally friendly, high-tech powder-painting department, where we recycle and reuse surplus residues. Our closed-loop production system, centralized wastewater management and filtering system, and advanced waste-sorting system minimise waste while maximising the sustainability of our manufacturing processes.

Committed to health care

Our safe and ergonomic products are designed to improve the daily workflow of medical and dental professionals, resulting in better quality of health care and a safer treatment environment. We also support various forms of dental education and are involved in global health care efforts by for example providing dental equipment and donations to those in need.

Uncompromising quality

All of our products are developed with the strictest quality control standards. Every product is carefully tested before it leaves the factory to ensure that our customers only receive products of the highest quality. Our operations are based on Finnish legislation, which has one of the highest regulatory standards in the world.

Our approach is global yet local: we are a family-owned company and most of our operations are under one roof. That makes us flexible and enables us to better control our production process by following rigorous quality and sustainability standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Responsible employer

As contributing to health care is at the core of our business, we also want to invest in the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees. We have received several awards, for example the Smartum award for examplary promotion of employee wellbeing in 2013. Youth employment is a particular focus area for us – we provide hundreds of jobs, traineeships and thesis opportunities for young people each year.

Contributing to the surrounding society

Our financial stability makes us a reliable partner and guarantees a long-term focus for our business. We are among the largest tax payers in Finland and our design and manufacturing operations are mainly in Finland, employing over 900 people out of a global total of over 2600 employees.

We also donate to different charitable purposes each year, often related to the health and well-being of youth and children. In recent years, these have included e.g. CMI (Crisis Management Initiative), Tukikummit ry, The Finnish Association of People with Disabilities, The Finnish Red Cross, and Save the Children.

Global collaboration

Many of our innovations have been born from research collaboration with leading universities. We are a trusted partner wherever we operate, collaborating with a network of 550 distribution companies and over 200 universities around the world. We contribute to the global dental community by providing private practitioners and universities with dental technology training and by bringing professionals together in our numerous events.

Award-winning design

Our aim is to create functional, durable and beautifully designed products that stand the test of time. We do this by always keeping our four design principles in mind: efficient workflow for professionals, patient and staff safety, patient comfortability and long lasting aesthetics.

Many of Planmeca Group’s products have received recognition internationally in product design contests.

  • Planmed Clarity 2D and 3D 
    Fennia Prize 2017, Winner, Finland

  • Planmed Clarity 2D and 3D 
    Good Design award 2016

  • Planmed Clarity 2D and 3D 
    Red Dot design award 2016, Germany

  • Planmeca Sovereign Classic
    Fennia Prize 2014, Honorary Mention, Finland

  • Planmeca Sovereign
    Red Dot design award 2012, Germany
    Fennia Prize 2009, Honorary Mention, Finland
    iF product design award 2007, Finalist, Germany

  • Planmeca ProFace
    Red Dot design award 2012, Germany
    German Design Award 2014, Special Mention, Germany 

  • Planmeca ProOne
    Red Dot design award 2012, Germany
    Fennia Prize 2009, Honorary Mention, Finland
    iF product design award 2008, Germany
    iF product design award 2007, Honorary Mention, China

  • Planmed Verity Extremity Scanner
    Fennia Prize 2012, Honorary Mention, Finland
    WIPO Design Award 2012, Finland
    Red Dot design award 2012, Germany
    IDEA (International Design Excellence) 2012, Finalist, USA
    MDEA (Medica Design Excellence Award) 2011, Best in Show, USA

  • Planmed Nuance Excel
    Fennia Prize 2009, Honorary Mention, Finland
    MDEA (Medical Design Excellence Award) 2008, Silver, USA

  • Planmeca ProMax 
    iF product design award 2004, Honorary Mention, China
    Fennia Prize 2003, Honorary Mention, Finland
    Findesignnow 2002, Honorary Mention, Finland