Choose your perfect CAD/CAM combination

Planmeca is proud to present a full range of open CAD/CAM solutions for dentists and dental labs to complete its offering in industry-leading dental equipment and software. You can choose from the comprehensive workflow solution or only those parts that you wish. This is possible with Planmeca’s unique and open interfaces between devices and software. 


CAD/CAM solutions for dentists

Planmeca PlanScan®

Ultra-fast intraoral scanner

Explore Planmeca PlanScan® – the first dental unit integrated intraoral scanner for digital 3D impressions. This high-performance intraoral scanning solution can also be connected to your laptop. 

Excellent usability and workflow:

  • Powder-free scanning
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Real-time, quick scanning
  • True dental unit integration
  • Autoclavable tip for perfect infection control
  • Accurate results from single indication to full arch
  • Comfortable solution
  • Open STL format
  • Windows support
  • Works with a laptop – easy to share

Planmeca PlanCAD®

Easy and efficient design tool for prosthetic works

Our open CAD software suite designed especially for dentists is the perfect tool for sophisticated 3D design and planning at the dental clinic. The software is easy and fast to use and is ideal for designing prosthetic works from a single crown to bridges.

  • Easy design of inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges
  • Fully automated design from an anatomic tooth library
    o Automatic adaptation to contact strength specified by user
    o Cusps, marginal ridge and other anatomical shapes are taken to the design from the adjacent teeth
    o Minimum material thickness is applied to the design for long-lasting results
  • Design up to 16 teeth in the same session
  • Superimposed camera view for easy marking of margins
  • User-friendly tools to modify the shape and look of the design
  • Automatic saving for flexible usage
  • Only five steps from work description to milling
  • Part of Planmeca Romexis® software



 Planmeca PlanMill® 40

  • High presicion milling unit
  • Two-spindle system with high-speed motors (50 000 rmp)
  • Different strategies for different materials – optimized speed without compromising quality
  • Perfect milling even for ultra thin veneers
  • Tool changer for 6 burs
  • Automated tool quality control after each milling
  • Computer-controlled operations – the system tells the user when to change tools, water etc.
  • The mill independently controls the milling jobs – no connections needed from the scanning station
PlanMill 40

CAD/CAM solutions for dental labs

Planmeca PlanScan® Lab

High-quality scanner for gypsum models

Planmeca PlanScan® Lab is a fast and accurate desktop scanner for scanning gypsum models. The scanner is easy to operate and can be used for a variety of indications ranging from single-unit crowns and abutments to full arch bridges and implant bars.

  • Acquisition options: Gum, Wax-up, Antagonist and Check bite
  • Acquisition strategies: In-place, Multi-die and Fast coping
  • Accuracy 15 µm
  • Structured light technology
  • 3.2 Megapixel cameras
  • Light source: LED blue light
  • Automated optics calibration
  • Open STL, PLY, OBJ files
  • Maintenance-free
  • Comes with Planmeca PlanCAD™ Premium design software

Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium

Perfect design software for prosthetic restorations

Our Planmeca PlanCAD® Premium software is the ideal tool for designing perfectly fitting restorations for a full range of indications.

  • Manage orders from Order manager
  • Advanced tools for design modification
  • Automated processing (for example margin line detection, undercut removal, minimum thickness validation)
  • Customisable settings for milling machines, materials and design parameters
  • Anatomical libraries for crowns and bridges
  • Wizard interface for easy workflow
  • Open software interface (import/export STL files)
  • Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Copings, anatomical copings
  • Telescopic crowns
  • Bridge frameworks, anatomical frameworks, reduced frameworks
  • Abutments
  • Implant bars &bridges
  • Wax-up crowns & bridges
  • Maryland bridges

Planmeca PlanCAD Premium

Planmeca PlanMill® 50

  • 5-axis milling unit
  • Automated 10-tool charger
  • High-speed spindle 60 000 rpm
  • Materials in standard ø 98 mm discs or blocks
  • Material types: Glass ceramics, zirconia, PMMA, wax, plastics
  • Maximum block size (LxWxH) 60 x 40 x 25
  • Wet and dry milling, model milling
  • Control PC and CAM included
Planmeca PlanMill 50