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Planmeca Romexis Smile Design

Measurement and annotation tools

Image alignment tool
Image calibration tool
Annotation tools
Implant annotation tools
Tools for easy diagnostics, for example smile lines, facial proportions
Accurate angle and distance measurements
Object browser NEW*

Smile design tools

Easily adjustable tooth templates
Five different tooth shapes available (standard, oval, rectangular, square, triangular)
Saving own tooth shape designs to library
Crown lengthening tool
Adjusting length and width for all teeth simultaneously
Versatile designing from 1 tooth to 14 teeth
Mirroring shape or shapes from one side to other
Automatic width and height measurements
Automatic tooth ratio measurements
Automatic golden proportions measurements
Adjusting tooth colour, transparency and texture
Smile area definition
Retractor image alignment for gumline design
Possibility to work with retractor and smile images simultaneously 
Undo, redo and revert tools
Edentulous grid NEW*

Smile simulation

Photorealistic before-after smile simulation
Full screen before-after comparison
Selecting tooth shade from VITA Classical shade scale with bleached shades
Selecting colour from existing tooth or shade guide
Adjusting tooth transparency and texture
Clone brush and warp brush for gumline etc. editing

CAD/CAM export

Exporting designs on any CAD/CAM software
Exporting designs on any orthodontic software


Exporting images (formats: jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif, png)
Exporting teeth design silhouettes as STL files 
Exporting Smile Design projects
Sending designs by email using Planmeca Romexis® Cloud
Automatic report generation including images, tooth proportions, shades, and comments
Copying to clipboard


Printing designs with default or custom-made print templates
Printing before-after comparisons


Importing images (formats: jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif, png)
Importing Smile Design project
Alignment and cropping tools


Windows + OS X
Lifetime license
Unlimited cases

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Tutorial videos

* Starting from version 4.6.1.R