Planmeca’s digital dentistry solutions just got exponentially better.


Introducing the NEW Planmeca FIT® CAD/CAM System

Introducing the NEW Planmeca FIT® CAD/CAM System

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Be ready to provide optimal solutions to your patients in a single visit.
Be ready to provide optimal solutions to your patients in a single visit.



Planmeca Emerald S
Redesigned Scanning Software

3-in-1 high-speed scanner that takes digital impressions, intraoral 2D snapshots, and detects caries, cracks, and fractures with an interchangeable tip.

Warp‑speed quadrant or full arch scans in 60 seconds or less

Highly accurate for use with aligners, appliances, and more

Planmeca PlanMill 35
Chairside Versatility

Mills crowns, inlays, onlays, and up to 3‑unit bridges

Quickly and easily change from wet to dry milling

Fast mill times with a broad range of materials ‑ including zirconia

Planmeca PlanCAD
Design in Minutes

Intelligent design tools to automatically generate restoration proposals for efficiency

Open architecture for effortless importing and exporting files

Fully integrated with the Planmeca Romexis® software platform





“I’ve been milling zirconia, glass, and hybrid ceramics on this mill, and the final restorations are beautiful, including the fit. I can also easily switch from wet to dry milling with a flip of a switch if I use a different block material.“

Dr. William Flora



“The technology is so user-friendly, everyone on my team picked it up quickly. This investment was so instrumental to the practice’s growth that a few months after buying our first scanner, we bought a second.“

Dr. Meredith Gantos